UNDerwear review

N2N Bodywear furnished the Studio Groove Trunk for review.

Rating: 8.8/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 10/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: AMAZING Print, Slinky Fabric, Sexy cut.

Cons: No overwhelming cons.

SALVATORE Recommendation: Summer is in full swing! And, I LIVE ON A TROPICAL ISLAND. That’s what makes this incredible print so appealing to me. I look super tropical (at least in the mirror), and the appeal of such happens to be the style of the season. N2N continues to impress me with their unbelievable trend setting styles. This design is amazing. The end of this post is simple: PURCHASE NOW!

N2N sent me the blue color. I must admit that the print looked amazing in the upclose. When I tore the package open and got a feel for the fabric, the print quickly became a bonus. The fabric blend is amazing to the touch and feels even better up next to the unmentionables. The slinky feel is slightly opaque and very breathable. Simply super desirable for the underwear enthusiast.

Two other features about this brief stood out to me—the waistband and the leg bands. Although the leg bands are little larger than I prefer. They are extremely soft and comfortable. The trunk is more of a hybrid between a trunk and a brief. The inseam length is super short, but slightly longer than a typical brief. This combined with the thicker than normal (for a brief) leg bands create quite the underwear line in slacks. If you don’t care about that—well, it doesn’t matter then now does it? I don’t want to diminish how comfortable the leg band is—EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE. The waistband is smaller than what the industry has produced in the past few years. I think we are seeing a return to normal—as opposed to the “let’s see how big we can get our waistband to be so everyone knows what brand we’re wearing because the waistband is sticking out of our pants” era.

True to form, the design team at N2N combined the NHance pouch with the fabric to create a very natural hang. This is important to me. I definitely classify this trunk in the top 10 natural pouches list. Go buy it now!

  • BRAND: N2N Bodywear
  • PAIR: Studio Groove Tunk
  • COLORS: Retro Pattern; Coral, Blue, or Black
  • FABRIC: Body: 70% polyester 20% spandex
  • SIZES: Small – XL
  • COST: $26
  • FURNISHED BY: N2N Bodywear

Where to Buy: https://n2nbodywear.com/collections/studio-groove/products/pu2-studio-groove-trunk


Salvatore is an Assistant Editor for UNB. He's a normal guy that's married with kids and loves everything underwear. Communicate with him on Twitter: @manatomicallyme

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