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aussieBum has quite a few additions to their swim briefs with some of them being limited edition. The collections to check out are Luxe, Hombre, Insignia, Xposeit, World Series, Gloss, and Vintage Stripe. These collections are for the most part just different fabric, pattern, and/or color options in current cuts they offer. But there is one new style that I’m excited about and that is the Xposeit collection, which is the one I’ll start.

Xposeit Collection

The name of the collection tells you a lot about this swim brief. This is the skimpiest cut of swim briefs that AussieBum offers. So it will be giving you greatest exposure of your skin to the sun and everyone else. It’s available in 3 colors: black, blue, and gold. The blue looks like it may be leaning towards a bit of a teal. It’s made from a blend of 80% nylon and 20% elastane fabric. Which should give you more of a traditional swim brief fit over the 100% nylon suits. Go get this swim brief and shrink those tan lines some.

Luxe Collection

The Luxe collection is their limited edition swimsuit with only 150 made per style. The fabric comes from France’s leading boutique fabric knitting company. It is made of a blend of 95% polyester and 5% elastane fabric. It’s available in seven color options. The first is Blue Angel, which reminds me of fish scales that are blue and white highlights. Then there is Coral Beauty that makes me think of an Indian pattern that is green, red, yellow, and tan. Next up is Flame Snapper, which is an interesting print. It’s stripes of yellow. Orange, pink,red, and black that also have a diamond pattern incorporated into it. Like lots of colors then the Rainbow Runner might be to your liking with it’s stripes of colors. Redfin is multiple shades of pink with kind of a beaded stripe and wavy stripe pattern. Then there is Stingray, which is white and looks like a random basketweave pattern. Lastly, there is Zebra Shark. It’s a black and white zig-zag striped typically called Chevron.
Luxe Options

Hombre Collection

The Hombre line is inspired by flames and hair. It’s available in two color options and it made of a blend of 90% polyester and 10% elastane fabric. The first color option is called Flame. It’s base color is black and then has yellow and reddish orange narrow hair like flame pattern on it. Your other option is called Ice. It also has a black base color with a turquoise hair pattern. I like the subtleness of the color pattern on this collection.
Hombre Options

Insignia Collection

Insignia Collection is available in two color options and is based on the chevron print. You can choose either Atlantic or Pacific.  They’re made out of a blend of 90% polyester and 10% elastane fabric . Atlantic has a white base color and navy and red zig zag. Pacific also has the white base color, but with blue and yellow zig zags. The color zig zags vary in widths, but they are all on the thin side compared to other chevron prints I’ve seen.
Insignia Options

World Series Collection

This collection is inspired by showing your country spirit especially for the Olympics. It’s a limited edition line, so grab your country’s pair before it is too late. They are made out of 100% nylon and represent five countries: Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, and USA. Australia features a green base color with yellow (gold) kangaroos. The base color of France brief is blue and it has red and white rooster. Germany’s main color is black with red and yellow (gold) griffins. Great Britain’s also features the griffins, but in red and blue on white. Red is the base color of the USA and it has white eagles along with blue eagles with white stars. The World Series collection would be a great way to show your country support at the pool or beach.
World Series Options

Gloss Collection

The AussieBum’s Gloss collection gives a classic swimwear brief a luxuriant wet-look. Made of an Italian fabric of 80% polyamide and 20% elastane blend. Available in three colors with white accent sides. Pick from Cherry, Diamond (white), or Noir (black). If you want to glisten in your swim brief then checkout this line.
Gloss Options

Vintage Stripe Collection

The last collection is the Vintage Stripe. Which is available in the classic style or with the wonderjock (gives that extra lift and support). Vintage Stripe briefs are made of 100% polyester. The wonderjock version comes in three color choices. Which all feature vertical stripes of the same width. You have the option of Brando (white and blue stripes), Dean (black and olive stripes), and Gable (white, blue, red, and light blue stripes).

Now the classic style is available in 6 new options and their stripes vary between pairs. First up is Flynn, which has equal width vertical stripes of blue, yellow, red, and light blue. The Hudson option has a base tan color with various widths of vertical stripes of brown, black, and blue. Next up is Valentino with has equal width vertical stripes of white, red, and blue. Wayne also has equal width vertical stripes that are white, yellow, and aqua. The Welles brief is the only one that isn’t vertical stripes. It features thin diagonal stripes of silver on a black base color. To round out the classic style, the last option is Chaplin. It features wide navy stripes (base color) with white and red vertical stripe accents.
Vintage Stripe Options

Now that is a lot of new options for us all to try out. What one(s) have caught your eye? Comment and let us know. I’m personally leaning towards getting Xposeit in the blue. Also like the looks of Luxe Blue Angel, Hombre Flame, Hombre Ice, and Vintage Stripe Chaplin.


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