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aussieBum Thongs

I’ve been a bit on the busy side lately and just recently got back to check out what is new at aussieBum. To my surprise, they’ve added two new lines with thongs in it. This is the first I’ve seen a thong from them, but I’ve been told they did offer them before. I’m a fan of the no elastic waistband so both of these appeal to me. Both thongs have a fairly sleek look. The two lines with thongs are the Skin Nude and CU. The lines also have what they call the exposed brief too.

The Skin Nude line comes in the colors skin (probably could call it nude) and black. Here’s what aussieBum say about the Skin Nude line “Comfort comes as standard with a silky smooth second skin feels.” The thong is a pretty traditional looking cut with fairly narrow looking sides. The exposed brief has the regular centered seamed pouch, but the thong has a bit different stitching. The bottom two-thirds has the typical centered seam pouch look then the top is stitched horizontal on to it. The picture shows it better than I can describe it. This line is made of 85% nylon and 15% elastance. They can be machine washed cold, but should be hung to dry.

The CU line was inspired by the Skin one. It is a limited edition line, so get them before they are gone. The thong and exposed brief are made of a blend of 90% nylon and 10% lycra or could be 85% nylon and 15% lycra. They state it differently in the description and garment care. This line mentions hand washing but does say gentle wash cold too. Does need to be hung to dry. The CU line is available in the traditional colors of white or black.

It’s nice to see them giving an option to the thong wearers to their line. Hopefully, they can keep them around and add more to their offering.

aussieBum Skin Nude Thongs
BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Skin Nude
COLORS: Black, Skin
FABRIC: 85% Nylon, 15% Elastance
COST: Thong – $24.25; Exposed Brief – $22.75

aussieBum CU Thongs
BRAND: aussieBum
COLORS: Black, White
FABRIC: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastance
COST: Thong – $27.25; Exposed Brief – $25.75

aussieBum Tanga Swim Brief

Swim season is approaching here, and we had a bit of a taste of it a couple of days last week. So I’m ready to break out the swimwear. aussieBum has added some new designs to their existing lines along adding some new lines. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Their Lowrider line has had a dozen new options added to it. The photos will show the designs better than I can describe them, so go check them out on aussieBum’s website. There are horizontal and vertical stripe options. Emblems with the aussieBum name on it. Suits with just the aussieBum name on it. Emblems with Bondi Beach and surf rowing. Here are the new names of the options: Ocean, Australia, Blue Wave, Olive, Stripe, Rower, Original, Icon, Bondi, Scarlet, Steel, and Shark. These suits are made of 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane. They can be machine washed cold, but need to be line dried.
aussieBum Lowrider Swim Brief
PAIR: Lowrider
NEW COLORS: Ocean, Australia, Blue Wave, Olive, Stripe, Rower, Original, Icon, Bondi, Scarlet, Steel, Shark
FABRIC: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastance
COST: $37.75

The aussieBum Luxe line has also had several new additions. There is Starfish, Snapper, Black Marlin (square cut), Emerald, King, Trevally (square cut), Whiting, Blue Eye, Blue Marlin, and Razorback. Again seeing a photo of them describes them best. There are different geometric patterns along with vertical and horizontal stripes. The Luxe line is made of a blend of 90% polyamide and 10% elastane. They are to be hand washed and hung to dry.
aussieBum Luxe Swim Brief
PAIR: Luxe
NEW COLORS: Starfish, Snapper, Black Marlin (square cut), Emerald, King, Trevally (square cut), Whiting, Blue Eye, Blue Marlin, and Razorback
FABRIC: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastance
COST: $75.50

Tanga from aussieBum is the skimpiest swimsuit they offer. Here’s what they say about it, “The Tanga swim bikini is for the true exhibitionist. Made from a fine nylon elastane blend, this new shape fits like a dream and shows off every asset in just the way you want. Experience it now in five bold colors.” To me, it looks like a nice form-fitting suit, which would be great for sunning. It’s a great looking string bikini suit that is available in four colors: black, navy, red, and white. This suit excite anyone else?
aussieBum Tanga Swim Brief
PAIR: Tanga
NEW COLORS: Black, Navy, Red, White
FABRIC: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane
COST: $26.50

The last suit in this roundup is the Sidelined, which is a square cut suit. It is available in Futura and Myriad. Futura is a white suit body with aussieBum in a large red bold letter around the suit. Myriad is the opposite with the body of the suit in red and the letters in white. Sidelined is made of a blend of 86% polyester and 14% elastane. They rate this line with a sheer rating of low (3/10). The suit can be machine washed cold, but needs to be lined dry.
aussieBum Sidelined Swim Brief
PAIR: Sidelined
NEW COLORS: Futura, Myriad
FABRIC: 86% Polyester, 14% Elastane
COST: $36.25

Which of these swim lines would you break out at the beach? aussieBum has a lot of options for those that want to get away from the norm of trunks and board shorts. Check out all of their lines.

aussieBum Whats new Jack lineaussieBum has released some new lines and some new colors to their existing lines. Today we’re going to do a catch up on what we haven’t covered from their new additions. Let’s start with the only thing new in swimwear.

aussieBum Kingswood Swim Trunks
They have released a new swim trunk line called Kingswood. The shorts are mesh-lined, so can be worn in or out of the water. They’re made out of 100% polyester and available in five colors. Color choices are black, navy, red, royal, or white. Each pair has contracting sports piping on the sides below the pockets. There is a bold A transfer on the rear pocket. The trunks can be machined washed gentle but should be hung to dry.

PAIR: Kingswood
COLORS: Black, Navy, Red, Royal, White
FABRIC: 100% Polyester
COST: $35.25

aussieBum WJ Air: New Colors
aussieBum’s WJ Air line has had two new colors added to it. You have the choice of Army and Navy. These are available in a brief, trunk, and a jock. They feature 4D Framing Technology that enhances your assets from every angle. The fabric content is 90% polyester and 10% elastane.

COLORS: Army, Navy
FABRIC: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane
COST: Brief – $21.25; Trunk – $22.75; Jock – $17.25

aussirBum Disco Riot
Get ready to disco in these sparkly jock briefs. The Disco Riot jock brief comes in the choice of silver or red.  Both have a white waistband with the aussieBum name on it in red. The Silver features red piping and thread accenting while the red goes with white accenting. Along with the open back, these feature a half moon opening at the top of the pouch. The brief is made of a unique light-catching fabric of 80% nylon 20% elastane. Can be machine was cold, but hung to dry

PAIR: Disco Riot
COLORS: Red, Silver
FABRIC: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane
COST: $23.50

aussieBum EnlargeIt New Colors
New colors for the EnlargeIt line have been added. Get a brief or a trunk in the new colors of Dusk or Sunset. This line utilizes a ground-breaking new ergonomic pouch to maximize comfort, and give you a lift where it counts. These are made of a blend of 92% cotton and 8% elastane.

PAIR: EnlargeIt
COLORS: Dusk, Sunset
FABRIC: 92% Cotton, 8% Elastane
COST: Brief – $18.75; Trunk – $25.25

aussieBum GridFit New Colors
Next line with new colors is the GridFit. aussieBum as added the colors Sport and Elite to it. Sport is white with black piping. Elite is black with white piping. You get a choice of a brief or a trunk with the line. GridFit features moisture-wicking mesh panels and enhanced sports shaping which is both breathable and supportive when you need it most. Made of a blend of 90% nylon and 10% elastane.

PAIR: GridFit
COLORS: Sport, Elite
FABRIC: 90% Nylon, 10% Elastane
COST: Brief – $21.25; Trunk – $22.75

aussieBum Talk Line
The Talk line is new from aussieBum. It is available in a brief or a trunk. Both are in white with red stitching. Talk coming from the white talk bubble on the red waistband. The talk bubble contains the aussieBum name in red. These are made of 90% cotton and 10% elastane. Machine wash cold and do not tumble dry.

PAIR: Talk
FABRIC: 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane
COST: Brief – $19.50; Trunk – $21.25

aussieBum Jack Line
The last one we’re going to cover today is the new Jack line. Get it in the brief or the hipster. Both are available in a black stripe. Stripes alternate from a solid black to a sheer black. Both styles feature a peep hole at the top of the back and top of the pouch. aussieBum describes these as “Soft to the touch, tantalizing to look at.” They’re made of a blend of 90% polyamide and 105 elastane. They can be machine washed cold, but should be hung to dry.

PAIR: Jack
FABRIC: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane
COST: Brief – $21.75; Trunk – $23.50

Underwear Empowerment - The Bottom Drawer

Who would’ve thought that underwear could empower you? The thought never crossed my mind in my teens when I started my journey into the interest of skimpy underwear. I just thought bikinis and thongs were very sexy looking on the ladies. That soon turned into an interest of wondering what wearing bikinis and thongs would be like. I never knew it would lead to more than wearing something I thought looked sexy.

I knew when I slipped on my first pair of string bikini underwear I got at Kmart that there was something special about them. How special I did not know. What I did know is I liked how they looked and felt on and that I wanted to try the others that Kmart carried at the time. When I wore them I always felt great in them. Was awesome knowing I was wearing something I thought was sexy that I never saw other guys my age or any age wearing.

College is when I really got into pursuing the underwear realm. I sought out other like-minded individuals and places that offered sexier men’s underwear online. I got my first thong from Undergear, which was a g-string to try. That stepped up the game even more of wearing skimpy underwear for me. During my sophomore year, I made the ultimate decision to make the complete switch to wearing only bikinis and thongs. No one knew of my bikinis and thongs except my girlfriend at the time. She seemed to be into me wearing them. I was discreet in my changing so roommates didn’t see, which none I’m aware of did find out my choice.

Throughout my journey to the all-out switch, I always knew that wearing a bikini or thong changed my mood. I’m sure I attributed it to a horny teenager and college student. Now I know there is more to it than that. A big thing that a good fitting pair that holds things nicely, moves well with you is it brings on confidence. A pair that makes you feel sexy when you slip it on does wonders to one’s confidence too. Being confident in oneself leads to empowerment.

How has underwear empowered me? Well, here I am writing about underwear. It’s brought me to blogging, which is a bit funny. I always dreaded writing. It took me forever to write things throughout school. Still takes me time, but having a passion for underwear seems to help writing flow a bit better. Guess you could say it has empowered me to be a voice for the guys that do and/or want to wear sexier styles of underwear. Now I can be one of the people that I was looking for when I got into bikinis and thongs. I could probably argue it has helped improve my writing skills too.

Another thing my underwear has empowered me to do is get out of my comfort zone. I’m not one that likes to stand out, which my underwear choice would do. But I’ve come to the point I want to lead by example in my underwear journey. So I’ve started being less concern about who sees me when I’m changing in places like a locker room. I don’t go out of my way to make sure people see me, but I try to be less discreet than the past. The hope is if someone does get a glimpse; it may get them interested in trying something skimpy. This has spilled over to swim briefs too. I finally started wearing them at the local beaches last summer instead of only on vacations. This was the biggest push out of my comfort zone since I’m not outgoing and try to avoid awkward situations. What do you know, I survived the experience. Still, work to be done, but I feel like I’m ready to continue on with it.

My passion for bikinis and thongs drives me to get the word out that they aren’t just for showing off to your partner. This goes for both sexes. People need to know how wearing something sexy for oneself can boost one’s self-confidence, put some pep in that step, and that it’s okay to feel sexy for yourself. Let’s break the societal norms of what one should wear. Start letting underwear empower you and spread it on to others.

aussieBum Tropical inspired swimwear

Anytime is a good time to think about beach and pool season. How about some tropical inspired swimwear from aussieBum. They have added two new swimwear lines. First, there is the Sixteen swim line that is a square-cut / hipster style swimsuit. Then there is the Tropics line, which is more of a traditional cut swim brief.

The Sixteen swim line is very tempting to me even though I’d prefer more often to go the swim brief route. I like the color combinations with the tropical print. I could see it as an alternative for when you feel you need a little more coverage. Or I guess a little less depending if going from swim brief to them or trunk to them.

The Sixteen square cut swimsuits are available in four color options of Blue River, Hawaiian, Roselle, and Tropical. All of them have the feature of what they call a handlebar design. The top of the back and front have the tropical pattern along with the whole sides. The blue river color is a bright blue with the print having yellow and blue flowers on a white background. Hawaiian is black with the blue and yellow flower print on white. Then Roselle is red with the red and yellow flowers on white. Last is Tropical, which is black with the red and yellow flowers on the white.

aussieBum says “this unique design brings a fresh floral styling to a truly classic design.” The Sixteen line is made from fine Italian fabric. It’s a blend of 80% nylon and 20% elastance. They can be cold water machined washed, but do not tumble dry. Recommended line drying in the shade. You’ll have to get these before they are gone. They’re strictly limited edition.

Now let’s take a look at the Tropics line. It is available in three colors. The black has white hibiscus flowers. There is blue, which is the color of the petals of the hibiscus with white accenting. Your last option is red. It has white hibiscus flowers with black foliage. Here’s how aussieBum describes the Tropics, “Unique sublimated print swimwear in 3 vibrant colourways featuring a totally tropical hibiscus floral design.”

The Tropics line is also made out of 80% nylon and 20% elastance. It can be cold water machined washed, but again line drying is recommended. This line is strictly limited edition too.

Both lines are proudly made in Australia. Feel the tropical beach even when you’re not there by breaking out a pair from the aussieBum Sixteen or Tropics swim line. Get them before they are gone.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Sixteen
COLORS: Blue River, Hawaiian, Roselle, and Tropical
FABRIC: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastance
COST: $42.25

aussieBum Sixteen square cut swimsuit

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Tropics
COLORS: Black, Blue, Red
FABRIC: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastance
COST: $34.25

aussieBum Tropics Swim Briefs

aussieBum Bloom Short and CottonRise Underwear

If you’re not ready for swim briefs or less at the beach or pool, why not go for shorter trunks. aussieBum has released their Bloom shorts. They say they are the “perfect every day short, in or out of the water.” These do not have any lining, so check out the aussieBum swim briefs for under them.

The Bloom shorts have mesh pockets and a drawstring with metal end ties. These feature a tropical floral print hence the name Bloom. They are available in three colors: Navy, Army, and Red. They’re made of 100% polyester and can be cold washed separately. They should be hung to dry. aussieBum says these are designed to fade. Also, note that patterns may vary slightly. The shorts are designed in Australia but made in Vietnam.

These are nice looking shorts with a subtle floral pattern, which you’d probably wouldn’t notice unless you were close up. Great alternative when you don’t feel comfortable in a swim brief. Or getting the short tan lines even shorter.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Bloom
COLORS: Navy, Army, Red
FABRIC: 100% Polyester
COST: $30.50

aussieBum Bloom Shorts

Hey, brief and trunk/boxer brief wearers. Go back to the 50s with this CottonRise line’s inspiration. Designed with the original 50’s high rise design with an extra large pouch for comfort. aussieBum says, “These vintage-style relaxed fit undies are made for the man with the confidence to put comfort first.”

These are made from a thick yet soft blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. They are designed with a relaxed loose fit in mind, so don’t expect lots of support. They seemed to be designed for lounging comfort. Maybe a good choice for those that don’t want the boxer no support, but not too much holding of the boys either. These can be machined washed cold but recommended to be line dried. They are proudly made in Australia.

As I mentioned above these are available in a brief or boxer brief. You can choose from red or blue waistband with the aussieBum name on it. Body is white on all the pairs. Want some underwear with a looser pouch fit then take a look at the CottonRise line from aussieBum.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: CottonRise
COLORS: Blue, Red
FABRIC: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
COST: Brief: $19.25; Boxer Brief: $20.50

aussieBum CottonRise Underwear

I personally don’t live very close to a known men’s underwear store. I also have not had the privilege of shopping at one either. I have bought from local department stores when they use to have some selection of underwear styles I like. Unfortunately, It has been a long time now that I have been able to do that. It would be nice to just go to the store and get a pair or two. Okay, let’s be a little more realistic with maybe a half dozen or so. Guess it would depend on the convenience of the store for the amount I’d purchase.

Yes, the anonymity of shopping online is nice when buying underwear that isn’t the norm for guys. No worries about someone you know seeing you buying some sexy undies from the comfort of your home. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see the pair in person before you buy them. You can get a better idea of how the pair looks inside and out, the feel of the fabric, get an idea of sizing, etc. With it being a men’s underwear store, the other shoppers are going to be like-minded. No worries about feeling like someone is judging you. Then you’ll have sales people with knowledge on the topic and can help you out right on the spot.

The biggest advantage I see for myself is being able to have the pair in hand the same day. I hope to one day have an opportunity to check out a men’s underwear store. I’m sure I’d be like a kid in a candy store like others have described their experience. Take our survey and let us know if you’d like to shop at a men’s underwear store or if you already have. Check out our list of stores to shop at here. Let us know if you know of any we are missing.


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Bruno Banani Blood String Review

Rating: 9.8/10

Daily Fit: 10/10
Sizing: 10/10
Construction: 9/10
Styling: 10/10
Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Great cut, excellent support, very comfortable
Cons: Tag in pouch, double layer pouch
Recommendation: Go try a pair. Overall great cut and fit. Would be one I’d get again.

Bruno Banani is a brand I have not tried before, and UNBTim kindly got me the Blood String in red to try. Let me tell you it’s been awhile since I’ve found a thong that has really impressed me. Yeah, I’ve seen several decent thongs, but this one got my attention. Basically the overall fit and cut are right on to my liking.

The thong has a nice moderate coverage pouch that frames the package well. It also offers good support. Feels like it would give great support no matter what activity you were doing in them. The pouch has the flat front look but has a bit of contouring at the base of the pouch. The tail of these is nice, sleek, and streamlined. It’s cut just right to form a nice T in the back and enters between the cheeks comfortably. The back is noticeable for me, but it’s a comfortable feeling. The back is about 5/8″ wide. Then it has the slim sides at about 1″ to show off those legs. Overall a nice snug fits with the right amount of cover all the way around for a traditional thong cut.

The fabric of the thong is nice and cozy. It’s a vertical striped fabric that has dull, thick stripes and shiny narrow ones. It’s a blend of 88% polyamide and 12% elastane. They have a silky satin feel to them and has clinging ability from the elastane. The thong forms to you nicely. At the top of the center of the pouch, there is a little rubber tag sewn on with the brand name printed on it. They’re made in Germany and can be machine washed and dried.

There are a couple of minor things with the thong that doesn’t really impact anything. Just more of pet-peeves. First, they have the care tag sewn in the pouch. It’s off center, so hasn’t really been an issue and easy enough to cut out if it starts causing problems. The other thing is the pouch has a double layer of fabric. Usually double layers I feel effect breathability. On the other hand, it may be given the thong the nice support it has. Just some nitpicky things that would not persuade me not to buy these.

Bruno Banani Blood String is an awesome pair in my opinion. It’s one I would buy again. From the photos, it appears all the Bruno Banani thongs look to be similar in cut. I think it is more the fabrics that define the lines. I wouldn’t hesitate to try any of their other thongs. The brand will be more a treat myself one since they are more expensive than I typically like to spend on a pair. Plus I have not come across a US retailer of them, so would be International shipping to get a pair too. Go ahead and treat yourself to one of Bruno Banani thongs. As always let us know your experience with the thong and brand.

Brand: Bruno Banani
Made: Germany
Pair: Blood String
Colors: Black, Red
Fabric: 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastance
Sizes: S – XL
Cost: $22.00
Where to buy: Dead Good Undies

Bruno Banani Brand Introduction

There are some interesting marketing campaigns with the brand Bruno Banani that I’ll touch on a bit later in the post. Bruno Banani is a German brand, so some of my research on them was translated from German. The brand was founded in 1993 by Wolfgang Jassner who already worked for various textile companies. Jassner saw there was a gap in the underwear market with no “young, groovy brand” in men’s underwear.

Bruno Banani sells more than men’s underwear and swimwear. They also sell many other items including women’s underwear too. They granted licenses for fragrances, watches, bags, sunglasses, hats, and even towels. Also, they sell shoes, jackets, socks, and shirts. All of the products for both men and women. Let’s look at the women’s underwear a little first. They have a pretty good selection for the ladies, which you don’t find quite as much from a brand that offers both. Most of the time it is a couple of styles and a couple of fabric options for one sex and then a bunch for the other. They still offer more for men than women. They offer women’s styles in thongs, bikinis, hipsters, briefs, and bras. They don’t offer any women’s swimwear though.

Let’s go over the men’s selection. For us, they have the boxer brief, the more modern hipster, long johns, and the boxers. On the skimpier side, you have sports briefs, which vary in side widths. You have bikinis that they call tangas, and then there are the strings or traditional thongs. The boxer briefs and hipster are a good part of their men’s underwear makeup. For their swimwear offering, they have Bermuda, which is their knee-length shorts. Then they call swim shorts by boxers. Hip shorts are in the square-cut family with the shortest inseams. The other square cuts are called shorts. They’re a little longer on the inseam, but most appear not to make it to mid-thigh. Then there is Retro, which is kind of like sungas or square cuts without an inseam. Their swim briefs are called mini. They’re similar to cut to the sports briefs. Skimpier than a full swim brief, but not quite what I would call a bikini. And lastly, they have thongs or strings for swimwear. They pretty much have something for every guy in underwear and swimwear.

Bruno Banani marketing strategy is one to get themselves notice. They started that with a bold motto or slogan of “Not For Everybody.” When you see that does it make you wonder why it’s not for everyone? Like I said a bit earlier, from a style standpoint I would say they could be for everyone. If you go with price, then maybe not. I would put them in the premium price area at typically $25-$35 a pair for underwear. If you want boxers, you can get them under $20.

They staked claim to be the first designer brand in space. They outfitted one of the astronauts on the MIR space station in their underwear. Bruno Banani adventure tested their underwear in a 10,000-kilometer adventure by Achill Moser from Jerusalem to Zimbabwe. Another extreme adventure test for their underwear was an Eco-Challenge. The German team at the challenge was outfitted in the “Air Active” collection in their 500-kilometer journey through the Australian jungle. There are a few other marketing campaigns they talk about. You can read more about them here.

There is one last marketing campaign I want to touch on that I think is a pretty bold one. The German luge team took a Tongan who was aspiring to be the first one from the country to make it into the Winter Olympics under their wing. This luger had the same name as the German underwear brand Bruno Banani. Of course, this was not his real name, but just a marketing hoax that was eventually uncovered. This brought criticism and attention to the brand, which had to be the goal of the campaign. The luger’s real name is Fuahea Semi, and there is a movie about him called “Being Bruno Banani.” Check out more about the movie on the IMBd website.

As you can see they have done some interesting marketing to build their brand recognition. Have you tried the Bruno Banani brand? Let us know your thoughts on them.

Website: Bruno Banani
Where to Buy: Deadgoodundies – Underwear; Deadgoodundies – Swimwear; Bruno Banani

Some Articles to check out on the brand
Simply Saxony
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung
The Guardian

aussieBum catch up Bananas, Sharks, Retro

I’ve gotten a little behind and keeping you caught up on aussieBum new releases. Today, I’m going to catch you up on some new lines and new colors and patterns in existing lines. Let’s take a look at new patterns and colors first.

New colors have been added to their Seamless Tech 2.4 line, which is available in a brief or hipster. The new colors are ice, royal, and red. All waistbands match the fabric color and have the aussieBum name on them.

New Seamless Tech Colors

PAIR: Seamless Tech 2.4
NEW COLORS: Ice, Royal, Red
FABRIC: 87% Nylon, 10% Elastane, 3% Polyester
COST: Brief – $13.25; Hipster – $16.50

Next up are some patterns added to the Billy line. The one that I’ve been seeing talk about is the banana print. It’s available in black or blue. It features partial peeled and unpeeled bananas in of course yellow. The other print they added to the line is a shark print. Maybe better defined as Jaws, since it looks like a great white. The print is black on white with repetitions of the shark’s mouth open. Billy is also available in a brief or a hipster.

Billy Brief Banana Shark

PAIR: Billy
NEW COLORS: Banana Black, Banana Blue, Sharks
FABRIC: 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane
COST: Brief – $14.25; Hipster – $15.25

Let’s move into the new underwear line now. aussieBum has released the Punchline, which contains a brief in four color options: Red, Royal, Black, White, The name punch I would say comes from the back and side fabric. It has what looks like an eye-shaped punch throughout it. I suppose you could categorize it as mesh, but fairly large openings instead of a typical tighter mesh. Pretty much you’ll be showing off the rear in these. The pouch is a completely solid piece of fabric. All colors have a thick black elastic waistband with the aussieBum name on it. These are made out of a blend of Polyamide and Elastane. They recommend hand washing and hanging to dry. Here’s how aussieBum describes this brief.

“The PUNCH brief is designed for the man who likes to live by his rules and stand out from the crowd. These high spec undies feature a smooth elastane pouch and a comfortable mesh back that will keep you cool during the day and hot at night! The branded waistband reflects the attitude, confidence and front of those who dare to wear it. The new PUNCH is ready to bring out the rebel in you, go for it.”

aussieBum Punch Brief

PAIR: Punch
COLORS: White, Royal, Red, Black
FABRIC: Polyamide, Elastane
COST: $25.25

aussieBum NEW swimwear MIAMI from aussieBum on Vimeo.

Lastly, we’ll take a look of a new swimsuit from them. They call it the Miami line. They remind me a bit of a runner short crossed with a skimpy square cut swimsuit. These are a low rise pair and are available in 4 colors: Collins, Lincoln, Ocean, and Downtown. The suits have a main color with a splice of color on the sides. Collins is a black suit with a splice of white on the sides. Lincoln is navy with orange. Then there is Ocean which is a light or sky blue with white splices. Last up is Downtown, which is red with navy side splices. The suits have a drawstring to help keep them up. The colors of Collins and Lincoln have a black string, while Ocean and Downtown have a white one. aussieBum describes the Miami line as a bold vintage styling inspired by the iconic South Beach. The suit is proudly made in Australia of a blend of 80% nylon and 20% elastane. These can be machine washed but should be line dried.

aussieBum Miami Swimsuit

PAIR: Miami
COLORS: Collins, Lincoln, Ocean, Downtown
FABRIC: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane
COST: $30.50

HOM Freddy String Thong

Rating: 8.6/10

Daily Fit: 8/10
Sizing: 8/10
Construction: 10/10
Styling: 9/10
Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: Overall a pretty comfortable thong, well made
Cons: Haven’t come across US retailer, so international shipping, limited colors
Recommendation: If it is one that interests you, give it a try. I like Doreanse Euro thong better since the pouch is narrower (Not as roomy as Freddy if you need room though). Plus it is available from a US retailer and even a little cheaper.

The Freddy Thong from HOM has been around for a long time. I’ve been thinking about trying it for years. Thanks to UNBTim, I finally got my chance. I have a few swim bikini briefs from them and a swim thong. All of which I like the fit and style of. The Freddy string is my first pair of HOM underwear. I like to describe this type of a thong as a cross between a g-string and a traditional thong. Also it kind of fits into the v-string category, but without the matching side width to the tail width. Any how it has a 3/16” string that attaches the pouch to the back. You get the traditional thong look in the back when wearing them, but the g-string type tail between the cheeks.

Overall it is a nice thong. I’ve found sometimes I have to get these adjusted right. Once I do they typically stay pretty comfortable to wear and would be a nice everyday thong. I don’t see it being a good one to wear for athletics or something really active. It has the excellent everyday nonworkout time support. I wore it lounging and doing errands and performed well with those activities. The pouch has a center-seamed, so has some contouring. The fabric has stretch and is what I’m going to call full frontal coverage. It should hold most packages within it. The fabric is a blend of 93% cotton and 7% elastance, which I’ve seen different fabric content listed for these. My tag has the stated blend. The sides of these are about one ¼” wide. I find it to be a pretty good fit all the way around in a medium. The size chart says 34-inch waist for medium and 32 inch for a small. I float around 32 and 33, so I say pay attention to the size chart. I’ve seen some recommendations of ordering up a size on them.

The colors selection is very limited that I’ve come across in these. For how long they’ve been around I would think there would be more color options. It seems your choice is red, blue, black, and white. I haven’t come across a US retailer selling the brand HOM, so there is International shipping to get a pair. If you are interested in this style, you may want to check out Doreanse Euro thong. It’s a pretty similar cut, and there are US retailers selling it. Main differences are it is a micro modal fabric, and the pouch isn’t as roomy as the Freddy. Both are good options in this particular style.

Brand: HOM
Made: France
Pair: Freddy String – Blue
Colors: White, Black, Blue, Red
Fabric: 93% Cotton and 7% Elastance
Sizes: XS – XL
Cost: $14.27
Where to buy: Dead Good Undies

Manstore Brand Intro

It appears the Manstore brand started back in 1969 by Paco Rabanne and Hans Schöller. Then upon Hans death in 1995, the brand looked like it wouldn’t survive. However in 1996, Olaf Benz’s Alfons Krauzer stepped in and took over the brand. So today it has similarities to the Olaf Benz brand. The Manstore brand is in the premium underwear brand bracket, which makes sense with it being with the same company as Olaf Benz. Both brands have styles that look pretty similar but Manstore is weighted towards or described more as fetishwear.

I wouldn’t personally call them a complete fetish brand, but I can see some items considered fetish wear. The products made out of sheer fabrics, lace, leather-like, shiny rubber looking fabric, and even velvet I can see people considering fetish. Then some have metal rings, snaps, zippers, and even easy release buckles on the sides, which also may be considered fetish like. Then there are a few designs in general that could be placed into fetishwear. I think they have a good mixture of fetish like wear and so called regular underwear. Their styles include bikinis, thongs, briefs, trunks, boxers, leggings, shirts, and bodysuits. They do not offer any swimwear that I have seen. Manstore offers some prints in their lines, but seems to be mostly solid colors.

Manstore does describe themselves as lascivious luxury. Which you could translate into fetishwear, since both are related to arousing sexual desires. Though really so called non fetish wear underwear can bring the same desire. Manstore says their underwear pampers you like a second skin. They have the passion for quality and design like Olaf Benz. They are a brand I would like to try at some point. You can read about the history of the brand here. Have you tried the Manstore brand? What are your thoughts on it? Do you consider it a fetish brand?

Website: Manstore
Where to Buy: Deadgoodundies

aussieBum Stubby Swim Trunks

If you are not ready to start a trend with a swim brief, then how about a trend with shorter swim trunks. aussieBum’s new swimwear is called Stubby. The name says it about these shorts with a very small inseam. Get those short tan lines a little shorter. Or use these for a stepping stone to make your way to a swim brief. An aussieBum swim brief at that. But these shorts aren’t just for swimming and the beach. They are great options for the gym or running too. They have a full mesh liner making them a great options for all kinds of activities.

Stubby shorts come in four color options. Get them in Black, Red, Navy, or Blue. Or go ahead and get them in all four colors. The shorts are made of a quick drying, bold colorfast fabric, which is 100% polyester. All colors feature a white waistband with drawstring. The piping around the leg openings is also white. Each pair has the capital letter A in white with black outline on the left side. These are designed in Sydney, Australia, but made in Bangladesh. Available in sizes S to XXL.

The shorts can be machine washed gentle, but it is not recommended to tumble dry. You can cool iron if needed though. If buying red, then they recommend washing separately due to color running. Also, they warn that tanning products including sunscreen will mark and stain the swimsuit. To help prevent this you should make sure the lotions are completely dry before they come in contact with the shorts. Always rinse swimwear immediately after use for best care.

Let’s break the men’s swimwear trend and start covering ourselves less. With that said, don’t just look at these as swimwear. They are great for anytime wear. Where would you wear the Stubby short?

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Stubby
COLORS: Black, Red, Navy, Blue
FABRIC: 100% Polyester
COST: $35.25

aussieBum Stubby Swim Trunks colors

aussieBum NEW underwear – ‘WOBBL’ from aussieBum on Vimeo.

Want a unique brief to add to your underwear collection. aussieBum has one for you they call Wobbl. It appears to be a different take on an anatomical pouch. I haven’t seen a pouch quite like this one, but I don’t look for anatomical pouches either. Typically when I think of an anatomical pouch, the pouch is created to let the sack hang more naturally. With Wobbl they’ve added to the design for a place for the shaft to hang down if you hang that low. Not like the underwear with a sleeve built into the pouch.

Wobbl is available only in a brief. aussieBum is offering it in available in four colors. Choose from White, Red, Blue, or Black. All four colors have a black waistband with aussieBum name in gray in all caps. They’re proudly made in Australia. These are made out of a comfortable soft micro modal fabric. It’s a 87% micro modal and 13% elastane blend. The Wobbl brief can be machined wash gentle cycle in cold water. These are another pair they say not to tumble dry. You’ll have to break out the drying rack. Available in sizes small to extra large.

If you want to shake what you got and be able to swing, then get a Wobbl brief from aussieBum. Great choice for those well endowed that wants some freedom.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Wobbl
COLORS: White, Red, Blue, Black
FABRIC: 87% Micro Modal 13% Elastane
COST: $19.50

aussieBum Wobbl Brief colors

While you are checking out the Wobbl brief, take a look at the new colors in the Cottonsoft line. This line is available in a brief or hipster. They are made out of a blend of 92% cotton and 8% elastane. The new colors are Onyx Black, Onyx White, Sapphire White, and Sapphire Grey. The Onyx colors have a black waistband with the aussieBum name in gold. The Sapphire colors’ waistband is navy with the aussiebum name in silver. Get yourself a classic style brief or hipster with one of the Cottonsoft line. Now available in a dozen colors.

PAIR: Cottonsoft
NEW COLORS: Onyx Black, Onyx White, Sapphire White, and Sapphire Grey
FABRIC: 92% Cotton 8% Elastane
COST: Brief – $18.75; Hipster – $20.25

aussieBum Cottonsoft new colors

aussieBum Say Yes Taboo Underwear

Check out a couple more new lines from aussieBum. They are the Say Yes and Taboo Collections. One allows you to give and show support for equal rights in marriage. While the other one just allows you to show pretty much everything, but still have to support yourself.

First, let’s look at the Say Yes line. This line was created to help campaign for equal rights for all Australians. 100% of the profits from the sales of this line will be donated to Australian Marriage Equality. You have a choice to show your support in a brief or a trunk. They are only available in white with digital looking rainbow hearts and black banners with the works Vote Yes and Equality on them. Then on red banners, it has either the aussieBum name or equality=aussieBum. They also have small colored pixel squares throughout the pattern. Both styles have a white waistband with the aussieBum name in red. These are made out of 92% polyester and 8% Elastane. They can be washed gentle cycle in cold water but should be hung to dry. They’re made in Australia and are available in sizes small to extra large.

Now the new Taboo leaves nothing to the imagination. It is a limited edition moisture wicking mesh. I’d think the moisture would just go right through the holes. The 90% nylon and 10% elastane fabric has a unique four-way stretch, which leaves you feeling supportive. You have a choice of a brief or bare even more with the jock. Both are in black and have a red waistband with aussieBum in black on it. The Taboo line is to be washed gentle cycle in cold water and also should be hung to dry. They’re available in sizes small to extra large and are made in Australia too.

It’s your choice to support yourself and bare all in the Taboo line or support Australian marriage equality in a Say Yes style. Both make a statement.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Say Yes
FABRIC: 92% Polyester 8% Elastane
COST: Brief – $20.75; Hipster – $22.50

aussieBum Say Yes Underwear

PAIR: Taboo
FABRIC: 90% Nylon 10% Elastane
COST: Brief – $25.50; Jock – $23.25

aussieBum Taboo Underwear

aussieBum 2017 Halloween underwear ‘BOO’ from aussieBum on Vimeo.

Get your scare on with the limited edition Boo underwear line from aussieBum. Order them now to get them in time for Halloween. That way you also won’t miss out on them when they sell out. There typically isn’t a lot of offerings out there in holiday prints in general other than maybe boxer. So you don’t want to miss a chance for some Halloween underwear. Though with them having ghost on them, they could be really worn year round if you want.

The Boo line is available in a trunk or a brief and you have 3 color options. There is Banshee Blue, Undead Yellow, and Wicked White. All colors and styles feature the same white waistband with aussieBum name on it in red. Everything features the same white ghost making different facial expressions throughout the print. All leg opens have white piping.

These are made out of a blend of 92% polyester and 8% elastane. They can be machine washed cold, but should be hung to dry. So another one to avoid if you don’t like hanging your undies. They are made in Australia and are available is sizes small to extra large. Don’t forget with prints that positioning of the ghosts will vary pair to pair.

Here’s aussieBum’s description for the line.

“New BOO from aussieBum. This spooktacular undies range will have you screaming all the way through the Halloween season. Be afraid, be very afraid as this limited edition run will sell out fast. Custom engineered in three bone-chillingly bold colours, BOO is out now!”

Now they just need to get them to make them in a bikini and/or a thong. Celebrate Halloween this year by wearing a pair from the Boo line. Great for wearing on ghost hunts. Or go ahead and wear it anytime to add a little scare under your pants. Do you own any Halloween prints?

BRAND: aussieBum
COLORS: Banshee Blue, Undead Yellow, Wicked White
FABRIC: 92% Polyester 8% Elastane
COST: Brief – $21.50; Hipster – $23.25

aussieBum Boo underwear styles

Brand Intro: Olaf Benz Underwear Swimwear

Olaf Benz started its journey into men’s underwear in 1989. Founded by stylist and photographer Alfons Krauzer who still manages the designs for the lines. Olaf Benz differentiates itself by using the latest technologies, which will cover some of those innovations a bit later. The brand is certain that only an excellent product can create brand loyalty with customers. They believe their creativity is essential to this success.

Olaf Benz has quite a variety of styles in their collection. In underwear, they have the trunks also referred to as mini pants or hipsters. They offer briefs, but most are more a sports cut. There are different varieties of bikinis to choose from along with thongs (mini strings). Also in their lineup, you’ll find the boxer brief cut, boxers shorts, jocks, and leggings. Olaf Benz also offers quite a few options in swimwear. They got you covered with singlets or swim body suits and swim pants. Even have the swim shorts. There are square cut suits of varying leg lengths. Swim brief and bikini cuts of different side widths. Then for those that what cheek exposes, they have thongs too. They have a good selection of colors and prints throughout their offering.

Olaf Benz has several innovations in the swim and underwear realm. They introduced the first underwear series that can be scented individually with your personal fragrance. The warmth of the skin releases the fragrance that you applied to the integrated pad. They took an ultra fine mesh fabric developed for a Spacelab experiment and create their “Phantom” series with it. They integrated an indicator into swimming trunks to indicate when to reapply sunscreen. Depending on the UV intensity it changed color. One other example of innovation is they came up with a brief only weighing 14 grams instead of the ordinary underwear that can weigh up to 150 grams. Help save space and weight in the businessman’s luggage.

Expect to pay more for Olaf Benz items. They are more of a premium brand who prides themselves on using the finest and most innovative fabrics. Along with making their items with great care and skillful craftsmanship.

Have you tried the brand, Olaf Benz? If so let us know your thoughts on them in the comments.

Website: Olaf Benz
Where to Buy: Deadgoodundies – Underwear, Deadgoodundies – Swimwear

aussieBum GridFit Underwear

Are you going to be on the gridiron this year? Or are you just an active individual that needs some performance underwear? Then aussieBum has you covered with another new release of performance underwear. Their newest release, the GridFit line is made for you. They are offering it in a limited edition brief or hipster (trunk) or go for both. Don’t miss out on getting yourself a pair for your next workout.

Both styles are available in classic white and are accented with red and blue piping. Also, those colors are incorporated in the waistband. The waistband features the aussieBum name in red with blue and red stripes between the repetition of the name. The mesh pouch is accented with red piping. Then a couple of inches from that runs a blue piping stripe from waistband to leg opening. The mesh pouch is designed for moisture wicking. The enhanced shaping GridFit design is both breathable and supportive when you most need it. All great features to keep your boys happy.

The Gridfit line is made out of a fabric blend of 90% nylon and 10% elastane. They are to be machine wash cold but will need to be hung to dry for best durability. So dryer guys probably will want to pass on these. Also, they state to avoid rough surfaces. Like most of aussieBum’s products, they are proudly made in Australia. These are available in sizes small to extra large.

Really couldn’t everyone use a pair of performance underwear now and then? We all have days we sweat. Your package deserves some supportive, breathability, and moisture wicking love. Step up your game and beat the competition in a pair of GridFit briefs or trunks from aussieBum. Remember they state they are limited edition, so you never know how long they’ll be around to buy.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: GridFit
FABRIC: 90% Nylon 10% Elastane
COST: Brief – $19.75; Hipster – $21.25

aussieBum GridFit Brief Hipster

Doreanse Introduction

Doreanse is a brand I discovered recently and look forward to trying more of their products. I bought one of their thongs last year and found it to be excellent. The thong was well made, and the fabric was superb. Plus the price of their underwear is easy on the wallet.

The brand Doreanse was established in 1999 in Istanbul, Turkey. They market themselves as a luxury undergarment brand for men and women. Their fabric is what makes their underwear and how they promote it. Most of their designs contain a special fabric blend of 45% modal, 45% cotton, and 10% elastane. This fabric blend offers breathability, softness, along with lightweight comfort. Here’s what their site says about their fabric blend.

“Our classic blend features Turkish cotton which contains more threads per square inch than cotton made elsewhere, lending more durability while keeping the fabric lightweight and breathable. Our modal, a cellulose fiber made from beech trees, is not only softer than mercerized cotton but also resistant to shrinkage and fading. Elastane, or Lycra-Spandex, provides the necessary elasticity, so every garment perfectly conforms to your body shape. This fabric blend also offers easy care, best washed in cold water with only half of the recommended amount of detergent and no fabric softener needed.“

Doreanse offers a wide range of styles for men. They’ve got the skimpy pairs with thongs, g-string, and bikinis. They’ve got a variety of briefs offering different amounts of coverage. Fan of boxer briefs or trunks? They got them too. Also, they produce boxers, jock briefs, t-shirts, tank tops, muscle Ts, and long johns. The bodysuit is also in the line up with thong, brief, and boxer styles. With that offering, they should have a little of something for everyone. They offer many of their styles in various prints and not just solid colors, which I like to see from brands.

Have you tried the Doreanse brand? If so let us know your thoughts on them in the comments.

Website: Doreanse
Where to Buy: Deadgoodundies, Audace

aussieBum underwear – ‘PopIt’ from aussieBum on Vimeo.


aussieBum has introduced another new underwear line. This one is for Underweardude who likes the idea of a functional fly on underwear. They call the new line PopIt, which has a new innovative ‘Army Fly’ opening. The fly allows you to just pop yourself out for your desired needs. The PopIt line is available in a brief or a trunk. Then you have color options of black or white.

Both colors and styles feature the aussieBum name on the waistband. The white pairs have it in red and the black pairs have it in black. The white pairs feature red piping while the black pairs have white. Of course, the fly is the unique feature on this pair. It is unique as in that it isn’t like a typically fly that you open sideways and you have to squeeze yourself through. The PopIt’s army fly opens horizontally. So you can pull down to free yourself to get your business done. Also with both the brief and the trunk, the backs leave your rear exposed. Guess you could consider them jock briefs and jock trunks.

As an added bonus this line is made of a super soft micro modal blend that has good shape retention and gives a smooth fit. The fabric is a blend of 87% micro modal and 13% elastane. They can be machined wash cold. If you don’t like to hang your undies then you’ll have to pass on these. They are not be put in the dryer. The PopIt line is proudly made in Australia.

Want easier quicker access to your manhood for whatever reason then take a look at the aussieBum PopIt line. Stop struggling with those typical flies you have to squeeze yourself through. Give the ‘Army Fly’ a try. These are made for those guys that like the functional fly.

aussieBum PopIt Underwear Line

BRAND: aussieBum
NEW COLORS: Black, White
FABRIC: 87% Micro Modal 13% Elastane
COST: Brief – $19.50; Hipster – $21.25

aussieBum Wrestleme Sport Singlet

For the wrestling and singlet fans, aussieBum has introduced their iconic Wrestleme in a bold new sports edition. They’re calling the line Wrestleme Sport. It has the typical look of what you think of for a wrestler’s singlet with the tank top and open sides. Each singlet features three colors in the design. One for the main body, a different for the piping, and a third for the accent side panels. The singlet is available in the following four colors, Athletic, Dynamic, Endurance, and Speed.

Athletic is a white singlet with red piping. The side panels are blue. For Dynamic it is a light blue singlet with white piping and black sides. Black with red piping is Endurance. It has white side panels Then Speed is blue with white piping and light blue sides. All colors have the aussieBum name on the left front leg in black other than black, which has it in white. Which color combination fits your style?

The Wrestleme Sport singlet is constructed from ultra fine nylon elastane blend. The blend is 80% nylon and 20% elastane. It’s a moisture wicking, odor eliminating fabric that feels like a new skin. The singlet is engineered for enhanced dynamics to improve fit for all athletic activities. These are to be machined washed gentle cold and should be line dried in the shade. Also, do not wring dry them. The singlets are proudly made in Australia and are available in sizes small to extra large.

Singlets aren’t just for wrestlers or athletics in general anymore. They’re a good choice for working out in. Can even just wear them as underwear or a base layer. Maybe as sleepwear. They really can be a versatile piece of clothing. If you like singlets then aussieBum’s sports inspired Wrestleme Sport could be one you want to check out.

aussieBum Wrestleme Sport Singlet Line

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Wrestleme Sport
NEW COLORS: Athletic, Dynamic, Endurance, and Speed
FABRIC: 80% Nylon 20% Elastane
COST: $54.99

Some guys were lucky and had a particular person influence their love for underwear. This wasn’t exactly the case for me. My admiration for underwear started in my teens. I loved catching glimpse of women in their underwear or swimsuits on TV shows and movies. Baywatch was a good one for this. Even seeing models in flyer ads and catalogs was something I sought out. You may think that sounds like a normal teenage boy. Personally, I considered myself more obsessed with it. Other guys rather see the naked girls while I’d prefer to see them in their bikinis and thongs. I definitely sought out after glimpses of them.

All I knew in guy’s underwear was boxers and brief. I had no idea there was more out there until one day I received a catalog in the mail. No it was not an underwear catalog. It was a catalog of catalogs. While browsing it to my surprise I came across a men’s underwear catalog listed. In the picture was a guy in a bikini brief! I was in shock that us guys did have sexier underwear that I have been admiring on women. The catalog was either Undergear or International male. I believe there was also another men’s underwear catalog listed that may have been Bodyaware.

Seeing that guys had sexy undies like the ladies got me wanting to get my hands on a pair. Of course living at home and not having a credit card made this a difficult mission to complete. Until one day in a Kmart ad I saw string bikinis for guys on sale. By this time I could drive, so I gave my parents a reason I needed the car to go to the store. When I got home and tried on my first pair, I knew I found my new found love. I loved how they looked and felt on. And now I knew why women liked to wear them.

I still wondered about a thong, but those weren’t in the local store. It wasn’t until college that my chance to experiment with underwear happened. With the Internet and a credit card, I was able to shop the web. Remembering the Undergear catalog I found their site. Seeing all that sexy underwear opened my eyes to new options. My first order from Undergear I had to included a thong. It was actually a g-string. When it came it was pretty much the same experience as my first string bikini. Loved the look and sexiness of it. Probably liked that it was a bit daring and against the norm.

I guess it wasn’t completely women that influenced my underwear journey. It was that catalog of catalogs that brought light to me that men had more options than boxers and briefs. Though if it wasn’t for my admiration of women in them, I don’t think those catalogs would have jumped out at me as much as they did. I don’t believe I would have wanted to know what wearing a bikini or thong would be like if I didn’t think they looked sexy on females. I also thought if I liked the looks of them on women then they should like the looks on me. This is why I attribute women to my journey into bikinis and thongs.

aussieBum Clan Underwear

Hey Lumberjacks, match your undies to your plaid shirt! Even if you aren’t a lumberjack, but a fan of plaid then aussieBum has brought back for a limited time the underwear line Clan. It features three plaid colors in two styles. You can pick either a brief or hipster. They call the colors vibrant though to me they look kind of faded. Guess I think of richer, darker colors when I think of plaids. The plaid prints were inspired by the traditional tartan heritage prints.

The three colors aussieBum is offering in the print are Argyll, Arran, and Skye. Argyll’s palette is of oranges and yellows with some reddish or pink in it. Arran’s pattern is of white, black, red, and some orange. Then Skye is shades of blue with white and black. All three colors in both styles have a white waistband with aussieBum on it in red. Also, both styles and all colors have white piping around the leg openings.

The underwear fabric is made out of 92% polyester and 8% elastane. They are proudly made in Australia. You can machine wash them cold, but do not throw them in the dryer. They recommend to line dry them in the shade. If you don’t like to use a drying rank then you may want to pass on these.

Don’t miss out on the Clan line, since they just brought them back for a limited time. It’s not too often you see underwear in a plaid print expect maybe boxers and low-quality department store undies. Not a pattern I have in my drawer. Now if they offered them in a bikini or a thong I’d be game for them. If you like hipsters or briefs then get them before it is too late. Hard to say when or if aussieBum will bring them back again.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Clan
NEW COLORS: Argyll, Arran, Skye
FABRIC: 92% Polyester 8% Elastane
COST: Brief – $21.50; Hipster – $23.25

aussieBum Clan Brief Hipster Underwear

aussieBum Stryker Collection

When I first saw this collection it called sports underwear. Also, the name of them reminded me of a position in soccer or football for non-Americans. The design and accented stitching of this collection reminded me of other athletic clothing. aussieBum does promote this as sports performance underwear that brings ultra comfort on and off the field. This collection is available in four styles and two colors.

All pairs have a fairly wide looking waistband in gray with the aussieBum name on it. Then you can choose black with red stitching or blue with red stitching for the body of the underwear. Pick your style from a jock, jock brief, what I’ll call a jock hipster, or go with the long legged boxer brief. All but the boxer brief are made to expose the buttock. They’re made out of a super soft modal fabric that is breathable and supportive. The blend of the fabric is 87% micro modal and 13% elastane. I find modal to be a great all around fabric. The amount of support it provides does seem to be determined by the amount of the elastane, lycra, or spandex type fabric they blend with it. At least that is my experience with modal fabrics.

All styles are available in sizes small to extra large. They are to be machined washed gentle in cold water and are not to be tumbled dried. So if you don’t like to hang your undies to dry you might want to pass on these. Though I think air drying your underwear helps them last longer. Heat tends to be hard on elasticity. This line is proudly made in Australia. If you are in the market for some athletic underwear then maybe a pair from the Stryker collection would suit the occasion.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Stryker
NEW COLORS: Black, Blue
FABRIC: 87% Micro Modal, 13% Elastane

aussieBum Stryker Boxer Brief
COST: $31.75
aussieBum Stryker Hipster
COST: $27.75
aussieBum Stryker Jock Brief
COST: $22.25
aussieBum Stryker Jock
COST: $19.25

aussieBum Lowrider Swim Brief

aussieBum has added some new prints to their Lowrider swim brief line. When you think of lowrider, do you think of motorcycles? The three new prints in this line remind me of emblems that you might see related to motorcycles in one way or another. The Lowrider new prints are called Anger, Tango, and Viper.

The Anger brief actually has the word anger on it along with a skull and flames. It’s mostly in grays with some red for outlining some of the flames and word anger. Tango is a bit more colorful than Anger and not as motorcycle of a print as the other two. It’s a black based color suit with red and white making up the design. It has aussieBum in white and outlined in red on it. Then there is a floral/tropical pattern in white along with swirls of red and white. Last up is Viper, which is a purple base swimsuit. This pattern features a cross with the aussieBum name on it. Also has angel wings, vipers, and some flames. All those are in colors of grays and white. Viper and Anger are the darker side or they mention gothic looking.

The Lowrider swim brief is made of 90% polyamide and 10% elastane. The care instructions say to cold rinse after use. They can be machine wash cold, but they mention hand washing. So might be better to hand wash them. They do recommend air drying and not putting them in the dryer. They are proudly made in Australia. You can get them in sizes extra small to double extra large. Looking for some that look extra masculine then check out the new prints in the Lowrider swim line. The new prints also resemble tattoos you might see. These are some unique patterns, so grab them before it is too late.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Lowrider
NEW COLORS: Anger, Tango, Viper
FABRIC: 90% Polyamide 10% Elastane
COST: $47.75

aussieBum Lowrider Anger Swim Brief
aussieBum Lowrider Tango Swim Brief
aussieBum Lowrider Viper Swim Brief