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I made contact with a photographer that has been reading UNB for years. His name is Shaun Simpson and he is based in Canada. He does incredible work and is a huge fan of underwear. I decided to do a little interview with him to showcase one of our reader’s insight into the men’s underwear industry. I hope you enjoy!

Salvatore: How did you discover your love of underwear?

Shaun: Always been a fan! The first time I strayed from the basic brands I wore as I kid, I never looked back. Comfort is key, but it’s always fun to know you have a bright pop of colour hiding under your austere business suit.

Jacob BSalvatore: What are your favorite brands and why?

Shaun: Tough call! Big fan of, super comfortable, long lasting, and Made in Canada! N2N, Andrew Christian, and Obviously are great for a bit of extra sexy bit of freedom. Cin2 and Calvin Klein always have a place in my drawers too; comfortable, fun, supportive, and classy.

Salvatore: What is your favorite style of underwear?

Shaun: Gotta go with the brief, but I think there is a time and place for every cut and style.

Salvatore: What is your least favorite Styles?

Shaun: Never really got into the jocks and thongs; I prefer a bit more coverage; when it comes to fabric comforts, I prefer quality and quantity.

Salvatore: Do you shop online or in stores for your underwear? Which Stores?

Matt R (1)Shaun: Pretty much exclusively online – I tend to stick with either the manufacturer’s own website, or larger retailers like International Jock, Men’s Underwear Store, or Top Drawers.

Salvatore: How many pairs of Underwear do you own?

Shaun: Between my own, and what I have in my studio wardrobe for models–easily in the hundreds.

Salvatore: Who do you feel are the most creative underwear brands on the market?

Shaun: Love the designs of N2N, big fan of their singlets and onesies. AC has some fresh cuts and colours, but tend to be a bit edgy for my daily wearing. Rufskins always has a sexy new take on classic sportswear. Canada’s Gregg Homme has a great take on men’s lingerie.

Salvatore: Are you an influencer on your friends when it comes to underwear?

Matt R (3)Shaun: I’d like to think so; every now and then I’ll clear out the studio’s wardrobe closet and give out the extras to friends. Plus, I’ll often get questions from folks asking where they can find styles they’ve seen on my models.

Salvatore: How do you use social media to follow/promote your love of underwear?

Shaun: I follow most of my favorite brands on Twitter, Tumblr, and IG. Most of my models are showing off their physiques in underwear/swimwear, so I try to tag the brands so folks know where to find them too.

Salvatore: How long have you been reading UNB? What is appealing to you about the site?

Zack S (1)Shaun: I don’t recall the exact date, but it’s been at least 5+ years now; I always keep it bookmarked. I like the clean, uncomplicated design, easy to read, and to find the newest stories. Plus, the ads on the side help me find newest brands, styles, and sales.

Salvatore: What brands do you think deserve more coverage in the men’s underwear market?

Shaun: I’m a proud Canadian, so I’d have to say JM, Greg Homme, Stanfields, Saxx, and of course Pump!

Salvatore: What can you tell me about photographing the male body? Do you ever photograph guys in their underwear?

Zack S (3)Shaun: Almost every fashion/fitness photographer I know of has a portfolio full of gorgeous women. I like to create my own niche by focusing on the male form. We have great curves too! I always love shooting silhouettes, showing off the lines of the body.

I tend to shoot a lot of underwear/swimwear looks. It’s the best way to show off the physique. A great pair of underwear can help shape the mood of the shot too–from classy fine art, funky pop, to edgy erotica.

Salvatore: How do you see photography enhancing the men’s underwear industry?

Shaun: With phones these days taking high quality photographs and video, almost every hot guy online is posting selfies, showing off their favourite brands. It seems like the men’s underwear market has really started to come Zack S (6)out of the shadows. There is more focus on the styles, cuts, and colours. A well-composed photograph shows how a great pair of underwear can really accentuate and enhance anyone’s physique!

Thanks, Shaun for giving us insight into your underwear world.  We always enjoy meeting new professionals who are doing more than their part to help the industry thrive.  Shaun is one Canadian who is doing jus that.

That’s a wrap. By the way, all of the photos in this post were shot by Shaun. Check out his website at If you are interested in doing a little interview with us, hit me up on Twitter with a DM–@manatomicallyme. I’d love to help you share your story.


Salvatore is an Assistant Editor for UNB. He's a normal guy that's married with kids and loves everything underwear. Communicate with him on Twitter: @manatomicallyme

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