brief-talk-thongsWelcome to our Brief Talk on Thongs. Thongs are growing in popularity among guys. They are no longer labeled stripper wear or for just gay guys. Guys on all points of the sexual orientation spectrum are wearing them. Those guys are loving them. We wanted to get two guys on the spectrum and have a frank and honest discussion about thongs.

We have UndiesFool a long time reader of UNB. He’s a straight professional guy who loves underwear. He has a love of thongs as well. We also have Eric, who we interviewed about lace a few weeks back. He’s a massive thong lover. In fact, he even wears them on the beach. There is photo proof on his Instagram! We felt these two guys would be the perfect match for this conversation.

Welcome guys! I’m so excited for this talk. I personally don’t wear thongs as much as you do. I have them but not a lot. I think thongs are still a bit taboo for guys to talk about in general.

What initially drew you to thongs?


(Hi Eric, nice to meet you!)

Valentine’s Day initially drew me to thongs. Yup, you read that correctly. How cliché, right? Ha! Ugh.

I was in college and it was Valentine’s Day. I wanted to wear some sexy undies for my girlfriend (who’s now my wife) thinking they might help set the mood for a really fun night. So I ventured off to the nearest mall and into a department store. I walked around the men’s underwear section and saw the usual suspects like boxers, boxer-briefs, and briefs. Nothing was catching my eye and screaming “I’m your sexy Valentine!” But then I came across a rack of thongs and I was like “oh yeah, touchdown!”  Now before I tell you what thongs I found, let me just preface by reminding you I was a horny college student on a mission with a very limited budget! The rack was full of Intimo 100% polyester satin/silk thongs. Some were white with red lips printed all over them and some were black with red hearts printed all over them. I thought I just struck gold! I quickly grabbed a black pair in my size (as if they were going to run out of them anytime soon) and made my way to the cashier. The woman who was about 75 raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say a word and kept her cool. I, on the other hand, was sweating like a pig and trying not to look her in the eye!

Ecstatic with my purchase, I hurried back to my dorm, took a shower, and pulled those babies up! It was the first time I had worn a thong and I thought I was God’s gift to women and just knew my girlfriend would go crazy! Fast forward to later that night, she finally got to see her Valentine wearing his sexy thong and all I could hear was laughter as I dropped my pants. She thought my black satin thong with the red hearts looked ridiculous. She quickly pulled the thong off me and threw it across the room. I was slightly embarrassed and tried to convince her the thong was a joke, but my heart knew it wasn’t even if the hearts on my thong told her it was. That was the day I swore I’d never wear a thong again.

Years later we talked about that night and what really happened. She explained to me that it wasn’t the fact I was wearing a thong, but that I was wearing a cheesy black satin thong with red hearts printed all over it! So for years I deprived myself from wearing a thong because I felt she couldn’t stand to look at me in one, but that wasn’t it at all. In fact, turns out she actually likes her man in a sexy thong and often picks one out for me to wear on date nights!



Nice to meet you, also!

I loved your story. Haha! The first time I bought a thong was just a little different. I was 16 and I had seen the 2xist y-back thong at the local tj maxx on a recent visit,  I was throughly intrigued!! I had never seen a mens thong before, and I knew I had to have it, I thought it was super sexy and a little taboo, but I think that’s what drew me to it. I was also a little embarrassed buying it — what was the cashier to think of me buying it? Would they think I was a pervert? I couldn’t just walk up with a thong… How would I check out? I ended up finding two other pairs of briefs that came in boxes and made a sandwich with them with the thong in the middle.   There were two cashiers — one male and one female.  I made a bee-line for the woman.  I couldn’t tell you what she looked like, because I placed the items on the counter along with my $20 bill and like you was sweating bullets but never looked up! I got home and put it on.  I loved the way it felt and looked I was instantly hooked!! my love for thongs had started.

It’s funny –I thought they were so sexy, and I felt super sexy in it, but I never told anyone I was into them or even had them. For what ever reason, I was embarrassed about it and thought people would think I was weirdo.

It took me a while to admit that I loved wearing them. I had my first long-term boyfriend at 19.  I knew sooner or later he would see my growing collection of thongs. I forget how they came up, We might have been out shopping, and he knew of my obsession with underwear.  I think I picked up a thong and asked his opinion.  His response was “that could be hot” so I bought it. Needless to say, he loved it.  He even tried it on when we got back to my apartment. He never became a big thong guy, but would wear one here and there.  He knew that I also liked them on him.

Now I have zero issues with admitting I love thongs lol


You both got your first thong. Eric’s went well and UndiesFool, yours shaped your opinion of them for a few years after. After you gave into your love of thongs, how did your collection grow after that first pair? (Did you try different brands, styles such as g-strings or thongs)


Great choice for a first thong, Eric! Much better choice than mine, haha!!  Going back to your point of being embarrassed of what people will think, whether it be the cashier ringing you up or the person you’re dating, I honestly think that’s one of the biggest roadblocks as to why guys don’t try wearing thongs. It’s foolish. It’s a piece of clothing that men have been wearing long before women and if it’s something that you like and makes you feel good, then wear it! Only my wife knows I wear thongs and it helps a great deal to know she likes seeing me in a thong, but as far as friends & family go, how often are we seeing them in their undies?! Not often. So why are we worried so much about other people and their opinions of our choices in underwear styles?!

Once my wife explained to me that it wasn’t the fact that I was wearing a thong that made her laugh, but that I was wearing a really cheesy thong, I totally went shopping!  I was already spending money every month on undies purchases, so I just refocused my purchases from mostly briefs, boxer-briefs & jocks to more thong purchases.  And what’s better is that I didn’t worry about sweating bullets wondering what the cashier was thinking since 99% of my undies purchases are done online in the comfort of my home usually in my underwear.

My thong collection grew exponentially and continues to grow. I’ve tried everything in my search of what brands I like and more importantly what style thong I like. Brands I’ve tried throughout the years include 2(x)ist, Agacio, Andrew Christian, BodyAware, C-IN2, Calvin Klein, Candyman, Clever, Cocksox, Cover Male, Doreanse, Emporio Armani, Ergowear, GIGO, Good Devil, Gregg Homme, Intymen, Jockey, Joe Snyder, JOR, ManSilk, N2N, Obviously, Papi, Pikante, Pistol Pete, Timoteo, and Tulio. I think I got them all! Even though my bank account definitely took a beating in my search of the perfect thong, I was able to learn a lot about what I like and don’t like about thongs in terms of fit and style. This is important because no two thongs are alike and what may work for one guy may not work as well for his friend. So if you tried a thong in the past and didn’t like it for reasons such as fit or style, I strongly urge you to try a different brand because there’s a thong out there for everyone…you just need to find it! So with that said, did you find yours, Eric?


Haha! Thank you!! I totally agree. It is the biggest road block, and online shopping really helps now!!  I’m a bit more open now with who knows that I wear thongs. Like Tim said – just check out my Instagram.   I want people to know there is no shame in it! I’m always in my underwear no matter who’s around.  I went to a underwear party in Provincetown ( a big gay vacation spot ), and all I had on was my thong camo bathing suit from cockpit undies.  It is now one of my favorite swimsuits!  I just danced the night away in that, and I can’t tell you how many compliments I got. I also get a good number of messages on social media about how I’ve inspired them to go to the pool or the beach in their thong. That makes me very happy! I also think its fantastic that there are straight guys out there like you helping pave the way!

My collection is also massive, which I love.  (But like you. my bank account does not!) I thought I’ve tried them all, but you listed a few brands I don’t recognize! ( Steps away to placing a few orders )

You know I have found a few that I love.  To be honest, I learned about the Ergowear thong from the unb blog, and I ordered a few.  I love them! Some of the new N2N thongs are great for me. Kick Saget, my love for bodyaware is silly! I just found Arroyman and I’m enjoying them, and I was out shopping and ran across the Emporio Armani thong that fits me very very well. Its so hard to pick one!  I have so many I love! What about you? Favorites?


You’re so right! There is no shame. It’s just undies. Everyone wears them, well, most people. There are the few that always go commando, but I highly doubt any of the UNB readers fall into that category! Not to say commando isn’t OK. God knows I’ve done it!

I truly believe we learn by example and you’re certainly leading one! Your cool story about wearing your camo thong swimsuit to an underwear party is a perfect example as to why we shouldn’t be ashamed to show off our underwear, or at minimum have no shame in talking about our underwear. You got people to respond positively by your leading example. You literally gave them the confidence they needed in themselves to be who they wanted to be! I was a huge advocate of this when I had my Tumblr page. My only intention of having that page was to show guys (and women) that there are better undies choices to be made and that it can be a huge boost to your self-confidence if you make the right choice and feel great about what you wear. I also have to mention I totally just checked out your Instagram and that’s just a testament to how you’re leading the way and showing by example that we really should have no shame. Awesome page! Keep inspiring other guys to be more self-confident.

I definitely have to agree with you about Ergowear. I have four pair of Ergowear thongs and I’d say this brand is in my top 5 of my favorite thong brands.  Most guys that have tried this brand have tried the X3D thong, but personally I prefer their MAX thongs. Whether it be the MAX light, the MAX suave, or the MAX mesh, but truth be told I really do like the MAX mesh the best!

Picking my favorite thong is a tough one because like you, I like them all for different reasons and what works for me might not work for a friend. There’s definitely some brands I listed below that I wished I didn’t try because they didn’t work for me, but I’ll never say which ones! However going back to naming my favorite, I’m a classy guy and sometimes the classic thong is the best. So with that said, I’m a huge fan of the N2N Classic Cotton thong. I feel like you just can’t go wrong with it. It’s light, roomy, not too small, not too big. It just works in every way for me. In general, I think N2N is a phenomenal company and I love their products, not just their thongs. But another thong of theirs that I’ll mention is the Silk thong. It’s pretty damn comfortable and suggest checking it out.

The runner up to my favorite thong is the Cocksox thong. I didn’t choose it as my favorite because it’s one of those that you can’t always wear, unlike the N2N. I work in a very professional office and wear suits to work. The Cocksox thong is just inappropriate under suit pants because it really puts your package on display, more so when worn under thin pants like suit pants. Probably not the best choice for a professional environment! I do really love wearing my Cocksox under jeans, though!


Eric, you brought up something in your answer I want to ask you guys. Is it wearing thongs easier for a gay guy over a straight guy? I think there is a stigma still attached to thongs by some?


I think its easier for gay men to talk about underwear openly in general. I’m not sure about straight men, but I would assume that there is a stigma about them and that if a straight man wore a thong or talked about underwear, other straight men might question there masculinity or sexuality.


I completely agree with Eric. Straight guys fear other guys (and even women) question their masculinity and sexuality should they want to talk about underwear in general, never mind thongs. Personally, I had this fear myself, even with my wife! Therefore I’d have to agree with Eric that it’s easier for a gay man to openly talk undies in general.

I’m going to go off topic a little and talk about underwear in general, not just thongs, as it relates to why it’s more difficult for a straight guy to openly talk about underwear because I think it’s important.

I think another major reason why straight guys don’t openly talk about their underwear is because we straight guys probably have less opportunities to talk undies. Think about it. Underwear probably isn’t one of the more popular topics of conversation, whether it be a conversation between gay men, straight men, or a mix of both. I’ve hung out with my straight friends and gay friends, sometimes at the same time, and I can honestly say underwear has come up once in conversation. But I’m willing to bet that underwear had come into conversation between gay guys more often because there’s more opportunity for the topic to enter the conversation. Perfect example is that there are establishments geared towards gay guys to come drink, dance, and have an awesome night in your underwear. Sure straight guys could go there too, but generally speaking that probably doesn’t happen much. So just in this particular situation where a bunch of guys are hanging out together in their underwear, they have more opportunity to talk about underwear. Personally I don’t know of any establishments like this geared towards straight guys. So pretty much 100% of the time straight guys & their friends are going to a bar to hang out, we’re fully clothed and chances of us seeing our friends in their underwear is pretty slim, even seeing just a waistband is pretty slim. So it’s probably not on top of our minds and therefore the opportunity for underwear to enter the conversation is almost non-existent. Let’s be honest, how do you work into the conversation “hey guys, I’m wearing a thong right now” when you’re talking about work, wives, and football?! Haha

The one time it was brought up in conversation for me amongst friends was when one of my buddies was telling us a story of a bachelor party he went to. He lost some sort of a bet and the deal was that he had to wear a thong to the upcoming wedding. It was a pretty funny story!

Another important factor as to why underwear isn’t being talked about amongst straight guys is because they’re confusing sexy with sexual. Hear me out. Undies can be sexy, but they don’t have to be sexual! For instance, sometimes I wear a jockstrap under my suit to the office because it gives me confidence and a sense of empowerment. It’s not a sexual thing and I’m certainly not walking around the office with a hardon. But the same jockstrap has a different meaning when I’m wearing it under my jeans on date night with my wife because I know afterwards she’s going to see what I’m wearing and we’re going to have a fun night!

I truly believe a guy, gay or straight, can look at another guy and think those undies he’s wearing are sexy and wonder how he’d look wearing them all the while not having sexual thoughts about the guy wearing them. I know I’ve done that. That’s usually what happens when I’m shopping for underwear. Just because I see a pair of underwear on a guy and say to myself, “those are pretty hot” does not mean I’m saying the guy is hot. I’m not checking out his bulge or body. I’m simply saying I think that pair of underwear is awesome and I wonder how they’d look on me. Conversely I truly believe a gay guy can look at the same model and have the same thought and not turn it into a sexual thing. Just because a gay guy likes guys doesn’t mean that he has sexual thoughts about all men, even men in their underwear. A perfect example of this is the gay athlete changing in the locker room surrounded by other male athletes changing. Just cause he sees another guy in his jockstrap doesn’t mean he wants to jump his bones! Maybe he does, but maybe he likes fat hairy guys.

Bringing it all back together, I think straight guys have a more difficult time talking about underwear than gay guys because they don’t have many opportunities to bring it up in conversation, but if they do have the opportunity, they fear their masculinity and sexuality will be questioned. Maybe as more guys realize and understand that underwear can be sexy without being sexual, undies will be talked about more openly amongst friends. I hope we get to that point!

Undies Fool has a great point. In general, it’s harder for straight guys and underwear. But as I can tell you that is changing, slowly but I have seen it happen in the 8 years of UNB. 

Thongs are growing in popularity but we have a good mix of gay and straight guys who have an aversion to thongs. What could you say to a guy who is thong averse? 


I’m assuming that if someone is thong adverse, they’ve at least tried wearing a thong and decided they didn’t like it, which I can respect. And to be clear for the straight men reading this, trying on your girlfriends thong doesn’t count since they are a completely different design structure for obvious reasons!  But for those guys that have tried wearing a thong and decided they didn’t like it, let me just reiterate that no two thongs are alike and it took me a while to learn what fit and style thongs I like and don’t like. So if you’re a guy that’s thong adverse because you tried wearing one once and didn’t like it, I’d urge you to try a different brand because there’s a lot of thongs out there for men and the slightest difference in fit, cut, or style could or be the difference between what works for one guy over another.


I agree, I couldn’t have said it better myself. There are so many different thongs on the market, and like you said, no two thongs are alike. Some are more fashion, some more sexy, and some are more everyday. I think you should decide what you want out of a thong and go from there. If you don’t wear thongs, you still didn’t put on the first pair of briefs, or any other underwear for that matter, and say “thats it, these are what I’ll always wear.” I am sure you found what you liked by trial and error. I know what thongs not to get again, but that doesn’t stop me from trying new ones! and that could lead my next new favorite!


Would you or have you convinced friends or other guys to try thongs?


No, not on a serious level. I have however suggested thongs to other guys I know who wear them.  More like, “check out this brand or cut” type of thing.  For as much as I post in them, and everyone I know has seen me in them, I guess that is my kind of advertisement of thongs, hoping more people will get inspired. I wear a thong bathing suit most of them time.


I probably wouldn’t try to convince any of my friends because it goes back to the question of how it would even come up in conversation. As we already talked about, as a straight guy the opportunity to talk thongs amongst my friends is pretty much non-existent.

“Hey, guys did you watch the Pats game on Sunday? Yeah, it was pretty awesome. You know what else is awesome? Wearing thongs!”

Yeah, that doesn’t seem like a good transition in conversation among friends! But like Eric, I know I influenced a couple guys to try thongs when I had my Tumblr page, either by answering their questions,  challenging them to try one, offering up suggestions on brands, or simply just by leading by example and posting a picture of myself wearing a thong.

Taking it one step further, my hope is that we influence at least one person with this conversation. Whether it be a guy who’s always had an interest in thongs but was afraid to try them out, or a guy who’s tried wearing a thong once but didn’t like it and decides to try a different brand, or a guy (or even a girl) who felt men shouldn’t wear thongs but has a different opinion now. And if that doesn’t happen, at least we can say Eric’s had an influence on me from this conversation after checking out his Instagram because I’m definitely considering purchasing my first piece of leather or lace! 🙂


Haha you know how to reach me if you want some leather or lace suggestions!

Agreed I hope we can influence just one person and get a few women on board and help encourage their boyfriends to give them a try, would be great!! I’m sure that’s a big concern for some straight guys.


We have covered a lot in this talk. Thanks for sharing real talk about thongs. One last question. We have guys just starting out in thongs. What are your three top thongs guys new to thongs should try?


Oh man, that’s a tough question! But for a guy just trying thongs for the first time, I’d say basic is better for a newbie. So with that said I’d suggest:

1) N2N Bodywear Cotton Thong

2) C-IN2 Core Y-Back Thong

3) Ergowear MAX Light Thong


Agreed! Basic is better and those are great choices so I’ll give some slightly different ones.  In no particular order.

I’ve really been loving the N2N DC5 Silk g (thong) I own it in the blue and gray. It’s comfortable and the material is sexy.

The second choice would be the Sukrew full thong. It’s another of my noncotton daily wear thongs.

Last but not least is the BodyAware essential ribbed thong. I think it looks better on in person than the photos on the website show. It’s light weight and soft and I wear it all day. It’s not actually cotton but a rayon blend so it doesn’t stretch out like a ribbed cotton.

We hope you enjoy this talk of a gay and straight thong lovers. We had a lot of fun doing it and hope you enjoy reading it! 


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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