PPU Tuxedo 1312 Thong and 1325 Boxer BriefNeed some underwear for your wedding or to wear with your tux for other formal occasions? Now a days tuxedos aren’t just black and white. You have color options. So PPU added two new colors to their Tuxedo line of thongs and boxer briefs. They already offered the traditional colors of black and white in both the thong and boxer brief.

Now you can get your tuxedo thong or boxer brief in white or blue too. Both styles feature a gray wide waistband with the PPU brand name on it. The white version does have some red incorporated into the waistband. The blue features the v-neck display of the white shirt with a blue button(s) and bow tie on the pouch. For the white color, it has a red shirt for the v-neck opening with white button(s) and bow tie on the pouch. The original color black and white features a white waistband with a white shirt with black button(s) and bow tie on the pouch. The thong only shows one button while the boxer briefs shows three on the shirt on the pouch.

They are both made out of a stretch mircofiber fabric made of 93% nylon and 7% spandex. They describe the fabric as feeling great against your skin and forms an ultra smooth fit. Both the thong and boxer briefs are available in sizes small to extra-large.

The Tuxedo line 1312 and 1325 would make for a great pair of underwear for your wedding night. I’d push you to go for the thong for an extra special night. Though either choice would be a fun way to sure up your wedding day wear. They’d also be a great choice to wear under your formal wear for other events. Why not have fun with your underwear and be formal throughout your whole outfit.

COLORS: Thong – Black-White, Blue, White; Boxer Brief – Black-White, Blue, White
FABRIC: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
PAIR: 1321 Thong, 1325 Boxer Brief
COST: Thong – $18.46; Boxer Brief – $29.23
LINK: Thong, Boxer Brief

PPU 1312 Black-White Thong FrontPPU 1312 Black-White Thong BackPPU 1312 Blue Thong FrontPPU 1312 Blue Thong BackPPU 1312 White Thong FrontPPU 1312 White Thong BackPPU 1325 Black-White Boxer Brief FrontPPU 1325 Black-White Boxer Brief BackPPU 1325 Blue Boxer Brief FrontPPU 1325 Blue Boxer Brief BackPPU 1325 White Boxer Brief FrontPPU 1325 White Boxer Brief Back


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