C-IN2 has added a new color series to its Culture Club line. In keeping with the current assortment of “Pop Art” inspired designs. These 4 new additions won’t disappoint!
The four color selections are: Croc Print (green/white), Herring Bone (shades of blue – shown above), Hounds Tooth (purple/gray), and Shark Skin (orange/purple). Each are fun, exciting, and sure to liven up the base layer of every outfit. All four color combinations are available in each of the Culture Club existing core styles: Lo No Show Brief, Hustler Brief, Lo No Show Army Trunk, and Street Jock. This is a limited edition release so if you like them, buy them, as they won’t’ be around forever!
As a big fan (and wearer) of C-IN2 briefs, the new color combinations are a vibrant addition to an already great line-up. I’m especially excited to see the Shark Skin combination as one can never have enough orange and purple!
Culture Club styles are all constructed with 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Which combine to produce underwear that’s soft and snug enough to create a supportive. Yet not-bashful contoured, center-seam pouch. The line features a wide 2” waistband color coordinated to contrast with the base fabric. Given the comfort, fit, and feel — the entire Culture Club line is great for work, gym, fun, and just lounging.
C-IN2 nails the sweet spot between comfort and sexy. The fabric is cool and comfortable all day. The styling and contour are impressive without drawing undue attention. The price point is where one would expect to find high-quality fashion underwear.
The four new colors are available now and are being shipped immediately!
Brand: C-IN2 Culture Club
Styles: Lo No Show Brief, Hustle Brief, Lo No Show Army Trunk and Street Jock
Colors: Croc Print (green/white), Herring Bone (shades of blue), Hounds Tooth (purple/gray), and Shark Skin (orange/purple)
Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
Sizes: extra-small to extra-large
Cost: Briefs – $24, Trunks – $26, Jock – $24 



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  1. Tim Rodden Reply

    Orange/purple! Fab review…Keep them coming. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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