I often think of “boxer briefs” as the “sofa bed” of underwear — it’s neither! Sofa beds are lousy sofas and awful beds. Boxer briefs, I often think, fall into the same pit of indecision: they aren’t great boxers and suck as briefs — yet they’re often the midpoint from traditional (i.e. crappy) underwear to the good stuff we write about on UNB.

Xtremen isn’t a wishy-washy brand. It happily lives at the extreme and invites men to join them on the edge. You know, the best thing about underwear is that it’s your choice with whom you share it. Unlike our outer layers which are on public display, what’s behind the zipper is visible to only those lucky enough to catch a glimpse — which may be just us! Sure, hitting the gym or a doctor’s appointment may influence a decision to tone it down but thankfully, even in those settings, men are getting more comfortable with vibrant colors and daring styles.

So, if you’re a fan of the somewhere-in-the-middle boxer brief but want to ramp up the sexy quotient — point your browser (or anything else…!) to Xtremen and embrace your inner exhibitionist!

First — about the brand:

Xtremen men’s underwear is, like the name suggests, designed for extreme wear. Each style is specially designed to endure the rigors of everyday wear, but with a dash of style. The high-quality fabrics in the Xtremen men’s underwear include stretch microfiber, athletic micro mesh, and a cotton mesh blend, all geared to provide long lasting comfort and amazing support. Styles in the Xtremen men’s underwear collection include trunks and boxer briefs. Xtremen is ideal for everyday wear when you want a dash of style and comfort that still makes a statement.

Now — the main event:

The Xtremen 91013 Boxer Brief features a subtle line design that shows off your finest assets in a sexy display of skin thanks to its transparent fabric on the legs. The pouch is made from ultra-soft fabric for a touch of modesty and is contoured to lift and support, giving you a more enhanced frontal profile.

The underwear is hand made in Colombia – South America with USA and Colombian fabrics which are composed of 80% Nylon 10% Polyester 10% Spandex.

The boxer brief is nice and low and falls just below natural waistline and sports a wide elastic logo waistband so you can advertise your sexy selection at will! And, of course, the pouch is contoured for support and definition — we’d have it no other way!

These come in black, blue, and white, and in sizes ranging from small to extra large. They cost $14 and are available at the company website.

Enjoy your visit to the extreme!

Even a relative newcomer to the world of upscale underwear knows that there are pairs perfect for everyday wear, pairs for an active lifestyle or working out, pairs for date nights, and then…there are those pairs for VERY special occasions when the selection sets the tone for what follows. Such is the niche of Petit Q! Be not afraid, drop your inhibitions, ratchet up your Freak Number, and slither into a pair from Arthus and Nico! This French couple love to push limits while pulling back on coverage!

The C-Ring Boxer Briefs are a flawless depiction of how these hot, young minds work!

First — a bit of background on the brand:

After 7 years in the men underwear industry as retailers, the Arthus and Nico decided to bring more sexiness to the world with their own line. PetitQ Underwear was launched in December 2011 with 6 original styles. Thanks to unique designs, the brand had an immediate success despite the number of styles.

Designed in Saumur, France, the line is definitely sexy and edgy but still in a fun and playful way.

Now — the main event: The C-Ring Boxer Brief!

These very sexy undies are made of an ultra-soft, textured microfiber fabric and feature an integrated C-ring that noticeably enhances your package! Wet look fabric feels soft and nice to your skin. Accentuated with a metal ring. It is style and substance combined, with an irresistibly sexy design. The PetitQ logo on the front of the waistband completes the look.

How f-ing hot are these? Imagine where the evening wanders after your partner sees what you’re hiding under your form-fitting jeans, seductively unbuttoned shirt, sultry cologne, and tempting nuzzling…! Is it warm in here or are you fixated on my undies?

So…if you’re hesitant to try some “over the top” underwear — try this: The message you’re sending to your partner is that you’re willing to bust through your comfort zone simply for their pleasure and enticement. That, my friends, is irresistible and worthy of a world-class response!

Give them a try…you’ll be a knock out!

Brand: Petit Q
Pair: PQ170101 C-ring Boxer Briefs
Color: Black
Fabric: 94% Polyester 6% Spandex. Smooth microfiber.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Cost: $26

“Fundies” = Fun Undies and while we suspect that most aficionados of fashion underwear are well under the age of 50, it’s a safe bet that it’s not the entire market segment. Some of us who marked our fifth decade are still wild about high-quality and sexy underwear — and often have the disposable income to build up a fun and diverse collection. The biggest questions are: why and how?

First the “why” — the knee-jerk response is the snarky, “Why not?” The more thoughtful answer is is this: our bodies are getting older we can’t do everything we used to be able to, our looks are changing, and comfort is a little harder to come by. Why not counter all of that with a lovely pair of well-fitting, stylish, comfortable, and sexy underwear? It’s an easy, relatively inexpensive, and personal way to counter some of the challenges of aging. For me, it makes getting dressed in the morning an adventure and a last look in the mirror before the outer layer goes on a moment of, “damn — I’m looking good for an old guy!”

Seriously — saying goodbye to our youthful good looks and trim bodies can be hard, even depressing — but a little pampering goes a long way. I’ve found that I’m way more selective about fabrics than I used to be. I like a pair of underwear, usually briefs, that are soft, colorful, flattering, and well-fitting.

Here’s the “how” — Find a pair that fully covers your butt, doesn’t ride up, and cradles your package the way you want. Be a little adventurous and test out a pair that has a nice pouch — Andrew Christian, C-IN2, and N2N do a great job with full backs and generous pouches. Some guys are going to want a little less room in a pouch and want a pair that provides lots of support and contour. Try Calvin Klein and 2XIST. Regardless of the styling — be brave and wander away from white, black, and gray — red, blue, yellow, prints, and patterns are just plain fun! Go for it!

Recapture your youth from the inside out!

Product write-up
Candyman 99247 Thong Color Black
UNB Sandy


What’s not to love about a company that suggests,

Before you don CandyMan, ask yourself, “Who do I want to be today?”

This is a company that produces underwear that’s unabashedly playful and sexy that loves to push limits. They made their mark with some tantalizing role-play dress-up costumes — everything from police to Batman, cowboy, and chef! “Playful” doesn’t even begin to describe how much fun a couple of men will have with these skimpy costumes!

“Skimpy” is probably the best adjective for 92247 thong the company introduced this year. Not only is the coverage minimal but the fabric is a see-through lace that’ll convert any of us to voyeurism! As Candyman says, “The thong is a sexy boudoir piece for boys that leaves little to the imagination! Made from sheer lace, this sexy number provides a dash of coverage only where it counts up front.” That may actually be an exaggeration!

The thong is handmade in Colombia, South America with USA and Colombian fabrics which are 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex. The smooth microfiber provides support and comfort exactly where needed — and not a centimeter more! The waist is a thin elastic as is the thong string.

If you’re willing to dare to be bare and offer your partner a lacy invitation to all kinds of fun to follow — order one of these — wiggle into it — and throw caution (and coverage) to the wind!

The official description is: ” The CandyMan 99247 Thong is a sexy boudoir piece for boys that leaves little to the imagination! Made from sheer lace, this sexy number provides a dash of coverage only where it counts up front.”


Brand: Candyman
Pairs: 92247 thong
Colors: Black
Fabric: 88% nylon, 12% spandex
Sizes: extra-small to extra-large – watch the sizes — they run small!
Cost: $12
Available at the Candyman website

The underwear version of a “quantum leap for mankind” is taking that courageous step. From generic “tighty-whities” to quality underwear. It can be daunting venturing into the world of great, comfortable, sexy underwear. The variety is overwhelming. The color selection kaleidoscopic, and the style selections offer everything from well-tailored boxers to extreme fetish wear. Once you get over the explosion of choices — the rest is tons of fun!
How to get from “droopy drawers” to a fabulous first layer? You need a “bridge to underwear”! Here are some suggestions for some “bridge brands.”

First and foremost: Calvin Klein – “CK” in “undie-speak” is the go-to brand. It’s been around long enough to be mainstream and considered conservative by some. Yet well-constructed, form-fitting, with style selections to fit every body type.
The safest is the neither hot nor cold “boxer brief.” It’s basic enough to show off at the gym. Yet stylish enough to make the break from discount store multi-pack underwear.
Boxer briefs do a great job of spanning the gulf with their full-coverage styling, sensible colors, and enough fabric. S that you can wear them in front of your mother. Because of that, they also aren’t all that interesting or fun. Time to take another step across the bridge!
Trunks! The style that’s nearly perfect for the slightly older “dad bod”! They feel great, cover a multitude of sins, and offer colors, pouches, and fabrics for any taste. and — you can drop your pants in the locker room with total confidence!

Venture into another mainstream brand, 2XIST, for a great selection of trunks. At 25 years old, the brand is firmly established and has found its niche. Their quality, fabrics, and design are among the highest in the biz. Their selection of trunks is unsurpassed. It’s an easy, fearless step from the “middle child” of boxerbriefs. Which aren’t sure what they want to be when they grow up, to the more adventurous younger sibling of trunks.
The last step on this leg of our journey is to form-fitting, lo-rise, sculpted pouch briefs. If you made it this far, there’s no turning back — and be forewarned, from here, it’s a joyful slippery slope all the way to bikinis and thongs!

The brand recommendation for briefs? Another mainstay: C-IN2. Founded by the former head designer at 2XIST. C-IN2 transported the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship. While ramping up its edgy designs, fun fabrics, and a pouch profile that might push your envelope — in a good way!
Check out these briefs: What’s not to love? Eye-catching design, fit that lifts and enhances, fabric that’s soft and effortless. A waistband that spells confidence! Yet — they aren’t overly revealing or betray someone attempting to capture their lost youth! They are good, solid undies that are so much fun to wear — you just have to try them! If you’re nervous about too much profile, slip them on under a pair of jeans.
How about those of you over 50 who read this blog — what do you wear? Has your taste in underwear matured as you have? What brands or styles do you love?
You’re never too old for a little party in your pants!

C-IN2 has added a new color series to its Culture Club line. In keeping with the current assortment of “Pop Art” inspired designs. These 4 new additions won’t disappoint!
The four color selections are: Croc Print (green/white), Herring Bone (shades of blue – shown above), Hounds Tooth (purple/gray), and Shark Skin (orange/purple). Each are fun, exciting, and sure to liven up the base layer of every outfit. All four color combinations are available in each of the Culture Club existing core styles: Lo No Show Brief, Hustler Brief, Lo No Show Army Trunk, and Street Jock. This is a limited edition release so if you like them, buy them, as they won’t’ be around forever!
As a big fan (and wearer) of C-IN2 briefs, the new color combinations are a vibrant addition to an already great line-up. I’m especially excited to see the Shark Skin combination as one can never have enough orange and purple!
Culture Club styles are all constructed with 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Which combine to produce underwear that’s soft and snug enough to create a supportive. Yet not-bashful contoured, center-seam pouch. The line features a wide 2” waistband color coordinated to contrast with the base fabric. Given the comfort, fit, and feel — the entire Culture Club line is great for work, gym, fun, and just lounging.
C-IN2 nails the sweet spot between comfort and sexy. The fabric is cool and comfortable all day. The styling and contour are impressive without drawing undue attention. The price point is where one would expect to find high-quality fashion underwear.
The four new colors are available now and are being shipped immediately!
Brand: C-IN2 Culture Club
Styles: Lo No Show Brief, Hustle Brief, Lo No Show Army Trunk and Street Jock
Colors: Croc Print (green/white), Herring Bone (shades of blue), Hounds Tooth (purple/gray), and Shark Skin (orange/purple)
Fabric: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
Sizes: extra-small to extra-large
Cost: Briefs – $24, Trunks – $26, Jock – $24 



I attended a boarding school in Florida during the 1970s and while there was a dress code, I discovered that I could express myself with underwear, and consequently found very early brands that used color and fabric that weren’t the typical white briefs that I had worn my entire life. I recall having a package of Hanes that were colorful, trimmed in contrasting colors, were soft, and cut in a very short boxer brief or trunk style. I literally wore them out!

During my college years, I lived in Chicago and discovered that some of the trendier department stores had more adventurous styles of underwear — Elance and Poco — and I started wearing colorful bikinis and briefs. Again, a similar theme, my exterior was either dictated by a work-related uniform or dress code; yet I could enjoy my freedom of expression with the layer closest to me! Plus…it made me feel sexy as hell! Still does! Hence, the REAL reason I love underwear — it’s fun to get dressed and it’s often the first thing I pick out! The ads with Jim Palmer and Marky Mark were huge incentive to expand my selections and they contributed to the idea that good men’s underwear was a mainstream commodity!

My first venture into high-quality underwear was Calvin Klein (no surprise!) but then discovered 2XIST, CIN2, N2N, Andrew Christian, Cocksox, and Obviously, which today, are my “go to” everyday underwear. I usually wear briefs but love to mix in a thong (CK and N2N) or a jock (N2N, Aussiebum, AC). I love quality, design, color, and pouch. I also like supporting brands and designers that are trying new things, pushing styles and fit.

NOTE: UNB Sandy is one of the newest members at UNB. He will be speaking to guys over 50, showing them no matter your age, you should wear great undies.