Last week we had the Bottom Drawer talk about bodysuits. We had to ask a brand creating some of the sexiest and most interesting bodysuits a few questions about the new trend.

Why do you think there is a trend in bodysuits?

The form-fitting nature of bodysuits has quite a sexy appeal to it, and the fact that it can be worn as underwear or as part of an outfit follows the trend of clothes being multi-purpose, which is important for anyone who enjoys thrifty fashion.

Guys are stepping out and why do you think they are choosing BodyAware bodysuits?

I think they’re choosing us because we offer so much in the realm of bodysuits! Whether you need it for fitness, to show some skin with a sheer fabric, or just be comfortable in some rayon, we have so many different kinds that fill any bodysuit cravings you may have.

What makes your suits different from others on the market?

Ours are different because of just how they show off all of your beautiful assets, as well as the innovation that we attempt with each bodysuit, like how our YogaAware Bodysuit has a thong back, and how our V-Neck Ribbed Bodysuit could easily look like a trendy t-shirt if you wore some pants over it. No matter what we do with our bodysuits, we always intend to make them sexy, so that you can feel sexy while you wear them.

Here are some of the bodysuits BodyAware has currently:

YogaAware Suit 

  • Racer tank Back
  • Thong Seat
  • 85% Nylon/ 15% Spandex soft blend
  • 5 colors
  • Great for Yoga or sports

Sheer Square Bodysuit

  • See Through panel
  • Square neck design
  • Contoured pouch
  • Full back
  • Available in black
  • 80% Nylon/ 20% spandex

Showstopper Zip Bodysuit 

  • Zipper front
  • Short sleeve design
  • Full back
  • 80% Nylon/ 20% spandex
  • Available in pink or yellow

V-Neck Ribbed Body Suit

  • V-Neck design
  • Full back
  • Available in Olive and Burgundy
  • Snap opening between the legs
  • Cotton blend fabric



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