Even a relative newcomer to the world of upscale underwear knows that there are pairs perfect for everyday wear, pairs for an active lifestyle or working out, pairs for date nights, and then…there are those pairs for VERY special occasions when the selection sets the tone for what follows. Such is the niche of Petit Q! Be not afraid, drop your inhibitions, ratchet up your Freak Number, and slither into a pair from Arthus and Nico! This French couple love to push limits while pulling back on coverage!

The C-Ring Boxer Briefs are a flawless depiction of how these hot, young minds work!

First — a bit of background on the brand:

After 7 years in the men underwear industry as retailers, the Arthus and Nico decided to bring more sexiness to the world with their own line. PetitQ Underwear was launched in December 2011 with 6 original styles. Thanks to unique designs, the brand had an immediate success despite the number of styles.

Designed in Saumur, France, the line is definitely sexy and edgy but still in a fun and playful way.

Now — the main event: The C-Ring Boxer Brief!

These very sexy undies are made of an ultra-soft, textured microfiber fabric and feature an integrated C-ring that noticeably enhances your package! Wet look fabric feels soft and nice to your skin. Accentuated with a metal ring. It is style and substance combined, with an irresistibly sexy design. The PetitQ logo on the front of the waistband completes the look.

How f-ing hot are these? Imagine where the evening wanders after your partner sees what you’re hiding under your form-fitting jeans, seductively unbuttoned shirt, sultry cologne, and tempting nuzzling…! Is it warm in here or are you fixated on my undies?

So…if you’re hesitant to try some “over the top” underwear — try this: The message you’re sending to your partner is that you’re willing to bust through your comfort zone simply for their pleasure and enticement. That, my friends, is irresistible and worthy of a world-class response!

Give them a try…you’ll be a knock out!

Brand: Petit Q
Pair: PQ170101 C-ring Boxer Briefs
Color: Black
Fabric: 94% Polyester 6% Spandex. Smooth microfiber.
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Cost: $26
Available: https://www.clevermoda.us/products/petitq-pq170101-c-ring-boxer-briefs-color-black


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