There is one thing that I have come to rely on in the 9 years of running UNB. You guys aren’t afraid to share your opinions about underwear. You guys LOVE talking about what you like and don’t like. So, when we run polls like this we get responses on each side of the issue. Some of you really love thongs and others don’t. And that’s good, UNB is a place for all underwear lovers to come together. We don’t have to agree on what is the best, we just have to love underwear.

Here are the results of the Poll

65% of you guys wear thongs on a regular basis. We will define what that is below but this number was a surprise to me. I knew we had thong fans but didn’t realize so many wore them and often! I guess we need more thong posts.

The gay guys were the most guys who answered the poll. 49% are gay and 35% are straight. When I first checked on the poll the straight guys had a bigger lead. I almost thought we would have more straight guys answer! But 35% is a big amount.

Here is how often you guys wear thongs:

  • Rarely (1-2 Times a month) – 22%
  • Few Times a Month (3-4 times) – 19%
  • 4-5 times a week – 17%
  • 2-3 Times a week – 15%
  • 1 times a week  – 10%
  • 7 days a week – 9%

Wearing a thong to the gym or working out is very high. 75% of you guys have worn thongs to work out in!

Where have you guys worn thongs:

  • Work – 81%
  • Date night – 74%
  • Gym – 64%
  • Dinner/Dinner Party – 62%
  • To the movies – 59%


Last multiple choice question was have you worn a swim thong. This really shocked me that so many wanted to wear a swim thong.

  • No But want too – 40%
  • No Never – 21%
  • Yes In Public – 17%
  • Yes, In private – 14%
  • Yes, Tanning bed – 6%

Now for the fill in the blank

Why do you wear thongs? 

  • I think they give better support than a jock, good under compression shorts at the gym and sometimes for hot yoga, like having decent support with minimal coverage
  • Minimal material, great support, can make you feel sexy
  • I like the support of pouch and knowing people don’t know I’m wearing them.
  • I think it is sexy and gives me an extra boost of confidence.
  • I think they are damn comfortable. I love them under jeans and khakis. I also feel sexy and yes, masculine too. I love the support of good thongs and how they really keep the boys secured.
  • Comfort. No riding up. No lines under a suit. Bulge. Girlfriend likes it. Fun!
  • Comfort! During hot weather, air flow. Amazing support. Maximum freedom of movement.
  • I like the feeling of them—much more comfortable and less restricting than briefs and bikinis.
  • It’s exciting, different, a change from normal underwear. It’s sent, it’s something only.i know I’m wearing. It’s powerful. It’s comfortable and supportive.

If you don’t like wearing thongs, why don’t you like them? 

  • Just don’t like them most of the time uncomfortable
  • I have nothing against them, but i think briefs are so much sexier
  • I like them, but have yet to find one that is comfortable for all day wear.
  • I find them slightly uncomfortable so they are distracting to wear.
  • I like them, fiancé thinks they’re “gay” she doesn’t like them but tolerates or ignores them

This is an overview. We will have another post about more of the results soon. We wanted to get some of the key info out this week!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. I’m a straight man and I absolutely love thongs! I think they are the most comfortable type of underwear there is. I wear thongs 3-5 times a week and enjoy them very much. I wear them to the office, to the gym or any other activity.

  2. Steve Pollock Reply

    I’m a straight man and I would like to go to the beach and drop off my board shorts and walk around in my thong I don’t have the courage to. And women I meet don’t like it I love to wear a thong and I love women in one also.


    Thongs are great for the beach. I go commando in shorts otherwise.

  4. Brendan Oneal Reply

    Love thongs. I wear them daily and at the beach. I workout and enjoy feeling masculine and sexy. Been wearing them for years. Charlie brand is my favorite.

  5. Mark Dempsey Reply

    Sexy, supportive & comfortable. I like thong bikinis too like the superb Kiniki Kelly tanga (that’s a male thong by the way. I only wear men’s, but each to their own). They are also so much less sweaty than other full back briefs. I never wear anything else.

  6. Shawn Burke Reply

    I wear thongs everyday and I’m a straight male. Have been wearing more often too because of the ones specifically designed for men that have came out are so much more comfortable than women’s.

  7. Phil Streit Reply

    I like wearing men’s thong underwear because they feel comfortable, sexy, I like the feeling of the freedom they give, and I like the way they hold my Package. I’m moving to Florida soon, so I’m going to buy some thong swimsuits as well. I’m a straight Male and I have no problem what other people think. It’s what I like to wear and that’s all that matters. I believe that people are too critical about if a man can wear a thong at the beach or the pool, when it’s no problem for women can wear practically nothing on a public beach or pool. I’m not a bodybuilder, but I do have a nice figure so I’ve been told. But there is one more thing, I’m a Nudist also so I don’t like to wear clothes, especially when I’m at home.

  8. papi cholo Reply


  9. I love wearing thong underwear and swimsuits, my wife loves them.

  10. I often wear thongs, as underwear and also swim thongs. Unfortunately, this is no longer allowed in the public swimming pool here. I always wear a thong on vacation and on the beach.

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