“Fundies” = Fun Undies and while we suspect that most aficionados of fashion underwear are well under the age of 50, it’s a safe bet that it’s not the entire market segment. Some of us who marked our fifth decade are still wild about high-quality and sexy underwear — and often have the disposable income to build up a fun and diverse collection. The biggest questions are: why and how?

First the “why” — the knee-jerk response is the snarky, “Why not?” The more thoughtful answer is is this: our bodies are getting older we can’t do everything we used to be able to, our looks are changing, and comfort is a little harder to come by. Why not counter all of that with a lovely pair of well-fitting, stylish, comfortable, and sexy underwear? It’s an easy, relatively inexpensive, and personal way to counter some of the challenges of aging. For me, it makes getting dressed in the morning an adventure and a last look in the mirror before the outer layer goes on a moment of, “damn — I’m looking good for an old guy!”

Seriously — saying goodbye to our youthful good looks and trim bodies can be hard, even depressing — but a little pampering goes a long way. I’ve found that I’m way more selective about fabrics than I used to be. I like a pair of underwear, usually briefs, that are soft, colorful, flattering, and well-fitting.

Here’s the “how” — Find a pair that fully covers your butt, doesn’t ride up, and cradles your package the way you want. Be a little adventurous and test out a pair that has a nice pouch — Andrew Christian, C-IN2, and N2N do a great job with full backs and generous pouches. Some guys are going to want a little less room in a pouch and want a pair that provides lots of support and contour. Try Calvin Klein and 2XIST. Regardless of the styling — be brave and wander away from white, black, and gray — red, blue, yellow, prints, and patterns are just plain fun! Go for it!

Recapture your youth from the inside out!


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