Hawai is back with a bunch of new bright and fun colors and patterns for your underwear. There are many different pairs in their newest collection of underwear. I love the look of these pairs because they are colorful and feature fun patterns that add interest to your collection. These pairs are out now for purchase.

There are several different styles in the newest collection. One is the Hawai 41628 Boxer Briefs. The underwear features a cool and stylish blurred stripe pattern that helps to show off the pouch. The look has a nautical feel to me that just makes you think of warm weather and summertime. The pattern comes in two different colors, blue and coral. The pairs are made of super stretch cotton fabric to make a sleek defining fit. The pouch is designed for support and definition. This would be a great pair for the gym, or going to work, or just lounging around.

Another of the collection is the 41701 Boxer Briefs. This style is really sporty looking. The underwear is solid color with a contrasting color and the word Hawai along the side of the underwear. It is made of super soft stretch microfiber fabric, that is 87% polyester and 13% spandex. The pair comes in three colors – blue with neon green accent, black with orange accent, and gray with a teal accent. The pair features a longer length to protect against rubbing and chafing. That would make this pair perfect for working out or just wearing every day.

The Hawai 41705 Boxer Briefs is another new style in the brands latest collection. This style features a colorful and psychedelic pattern. The boxer briefs are made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex. You will look good and feel good with the super soft fabric against your skin.

The new styles by Hawai are fun and have you looking great no matter if you are working out, going to work, or just lounging around.


BRAND: Hawai

PAIR: 41628 Boxer Briefs

COLORS: Blue or Coral

FABRIC: 92% cotton, 8% spandex

SIZES: Small – X Large

COST: $21

LINK: 41628 Boxer Briefs

BRAND: Hawai

PAIR: 41701 Boxer Briefs

COLORS: Blue, Black, or Gray

FABRIC: 87% Polyester, 13% spandex

SIZES: Small – X Large

COST: $28

LINK: 41701 Boxer Briefs

BRAND: Hawai

PAIR: 41705 Boxer Briefs

COLOR: Blue, Orange, or Red

FABRIC: 92% cotton, 8% spandex

SIZES: Small – X Large

COST: $19

LINK: 41705 Boxer Briefs



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  1. Great collection with good patterns by Debriefed underwear. Thanks for this article Daniel.

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