Swimwear Season ApproachingStill a bit on the chilly side here. But as I’m sitting here writing this, the sun is shining with clear blue sky. It’s a reminder that summer is getting closer and swimwear season will be upon us soon. What will you be sporting this summer? Do you wear different swimsuits for different situations?

I’m always anxious for the return of summer and the opportunity to strive for increasing my swim brief wearing. Though I am one that chooses the swimsuit based on the situation. I would prefer to be that full time swim brief wearer, but I don’t have the cojones to do so in every situation. I’m always fighting my reserved personality when it comes to going against the norm. There are two situations that will probably always be swim trunks for me. They are when extended family will be around and public pools. To me it would be too awkward wearing one around the extended family. With public pools, it is the confining space. I like to be able to get away from the crowds if need be. Maybe as my swim brief confidence improves I’ll overcome these at some point in the future.

My swim brief haven will continue to be my yard. Always nice to be able to soak up some sun and relax in a skimpy swim brief there. This year the goal is to make the local beaches a swim brief only place when it is me or me, my wife, and kids. That was suppose to be last year accomplishment, but we did not make it to the beach. This year I’ll have to make sure the opportunity present itself.

Don’t forget about the UNB swim brief challenge. You can be like me and struggle with wearing them, be a full time wearer, or taking the plunge for the first time. Do your best breaking one out and let us know how it turns out by emailing us or through social media. If you are looking to go skimpier, we’ve included swim thongs in the challenge too.


Hi, I'm Nate from The Bottom Drawer. I’m a husband and father that just happens to be avid about bikinis and thongs. The craze started in my late teens and continues.


  1. I’m an amateur competitive swimmer so I am used to wearing a swim brief. However, outside of that context I don’t wear one. This year I am considering breaking out the briefs around my home pool. I don’t know why I feel self-conscious outside of a swim sporting context but I do… it’s strange.

    • How many pros wear swim briefs outside their sports? Guessing probably very few if any. Seems the swim brief is only used for practicing now for swimmers especially the pros. Do you wear a swim brief for competition or are jammers king? I think when the attire is part of the sport it makes the article of clothing acceptable. Which then makes it easier to wear, because it is ‘normal.’

      • Jammers are used during meets because the coverage cuts down drag which is why briefs are worn for training. You are totally right when you say that the attire being part of the sport makes it acceptable. It is a societal norm which change over long periods of time.

  2. I definitely agree that different situations call for different swimsuits. In social situations it’s best to go with a trunk. Lap swimming it’s best to do a brief. On a secluded beach when it’s hot try a thong (believe me it’s awesome!)

    • Dan,

      I was actually thinking yesterday that I could go to south beach and wear a thong comfortably. I am seriously considering this in relation to you mentioning that different situations call for different swimsuits.

      • Go for it! I’ve done it a few times on a beach with no one (or few people) around and it’s nice, especially on a really hot day

    • It would be nice that we shouldn’t have to feel that a different swimsuit is required for different situations. Women don’t really have to wear a different suit for different situations unless it is a thong. Why shouldn’t that be at least the only case for us guys too?

      • I totally agree. I just thing it’s good to save a thong for the empty beach

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