It’s about a week away from the official start of swimwear season in the states. That day is Memorial Day weekend. It’s the time we flock to the beach and go as bare as we dare. Some barer than others. This is the year to do it Aussie Style. Wear those swim briefs to the beach and own it. Gay, bi or straight it’s time we unite and bring it to the beaches in the states.

One brand we have really love is Sluggers. We interviewed them a few months ago, and they impressed me on their designs and philosophy in swimwear. The one I really love is the Banana DeeTees. Because they are fun, you can have your very own banana hammock. I would totally rock this and enjoy chatting with people about it!

You may be asking what DeeTees means? They say it mean’s Dick Togs. Which is Aussie slang for swimwear. This is one of the four styles that Sluggers make. They say these are great for the American market. But if you want more of an Aussie cut we suggest the Classics.

The Banana are my favorite of all of them. The bananas are on a navy background. Made out of a polyester and spandex makes for a stretchy fabric and a tighter fit – but still comfy. Swimwear should be tight. If it’s not it may come off while getting out of the water. Some of our readers wouldn’t mind that. Well, if you’re on a public beach that could be a problem.

If you are looking for something awesome, then you need to look no farther than Sluggers. They have some other great prints and solids as well. Make sure you go to the Sluggers site and see all the amazing pairs they currently offer! The Banana DeeTees retails for $36.53 at the Sluggers site



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