Many readers have asked me to go more in-depth about what the best pairs of underwear to wear when working out are. I think there are a lot of great pairs that could benefit UNB readers, so I wanted to share a few more specific exercise scenarios and my recommendations for what underwear they require.

Yoga: Jack Adams MUV Sports Brief

I like yoga because it helps eliminate stress and improves my flexibility. For that reason, a pair that gives you a full range of motion is crucial. Jack Adams is another brand that specifically designs their pairs for athletes. Any brief from them is good for the purpose of motion, but I love the MUV line because of the support and the mesh panel over the pubic area that help keep you feeling fresh. It’s made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which I think is good for yoga because it’s especially comfortable. The roomy pouch and the aforementioned mesh panel are absolutely perfect. The Jack Adams MUV Sports Brief retails for $33.00

Running: Pump! Touchdown Boxer Panther

This is one of my all time favorite pairs of underwear, and definitely, my go to for when I go running. For that reason, I doubly recommend it because you can wear it as everyday underwear and as a workout pair. It’s somewhere between a boxer brief and a trunk, which I personally think you can’t go wrong with. The construction and material are simply perfect, with legs that don’t ride up, a sporty mesh and cotton blend, and a double-lined pouch. I especially like how the pair is stretchy, yet has that form-fitting compression feel. Plus, importantly for running, it moisture wicks. The Pump! Touchdown Boxer Panter retails for $33.00

Swimming: N2N Bodywear Condor Sport Swim Brief

I can’t get enough of N2N underwear, and when I decided to try their swimwear, I was just as enamored. Some of their skimpier bikini pairs wouldn’t be great for swimming laps, but this pair hits the sweet spot in terms of sleekness. I like how there is no drawcord, liner, or seams in the pouch on this pair. The fabric is quick-drying, lightweight, and true to fit, so pretty much the gold standard of swim briefs. The signature pouch offers great lift, support, and enhancement, which I personally like because it avoids any cold water package embarrassment. The N2N Bodywear Condor Sport Swim Brief  retails for $30.00



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