We have all kinds of readers of UNB. Those who have been into underwear for years and have 100’s if not thousand pairs. On the other hand we have guys, of all ages, who just discovered underwear. Underwear 101 is a series we have to address some of the questions guys have about underwear. For our more experienced readers, they may not read them but we hope it helps other guys discover more underwear.

What is an ergonoical pouch?

You may have heard this on UNB. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it a lot on UNB. Most of our guys love this kind of pouch. Men’s underwear comes in a few different pouches. First, there are pairs with no pouch. The front is one piece of fabric with no seam or designed pouch. The best example of this is Jockey Elance bikinis. The next is a what I call a contoured pouch. It’s a pouch built into underwear. It usually has a front seam in the design and is made to give you support. Brands like Clever Moda have this type of design.

Lastly, is the ergonomical pouch. It’s designed to fit a guy and how he naturally hangs. There are several types of pouches. Some of them enhance while others give a natural feel to the pouch. These usually have a lot of research and design behind them. As I said above not all pouches are the same. It’s important to find what you like best.

For example, Ergowear has three different pouches. The X3D, Feel and Max. I love all ut the Feel. It’s not that it’s a bad design, In fact, it’s pretty awesome design and it has fans. I don’t like it due to the way it fits me. It’s a personal preference. I feel I move too much in the pouch. I like things to stay in place.

Here are some great pouches to check out (This is a short list, there are a ton more to check out):

  • Cocksox CX01 – This was my very first ergonomically designed pouch. It’s more like the wonder bra for men. It takes what you have and shows it off. I’ve described these as very bulgetastic. These will enhance and could show off a bigger bulge than you may want.  So it may not be good for work or family occasions.
  • Andrew Christian Almost Naked – One of AC first ergonomically designed pairs. It “allows you to hang freely” It’s available in just about every pair they make. I prefer the briefs but go with the styel you love best.
  • Ergowear Max – “the pouch is manufactured in a three-dimensional shape that slightly lifts your genitals up and away from the legs, in a cozy yet fully protective manner. Made in many favrics and colors. “
  • Ergowear x3D – “The X3D pouch is an original take in male underwear. A stretchy pouch that is designed to accommodate your genitals up and away, to avoid squeezing and adding a layer of flexibility and a slight enhancement for a provocative silhouette” My favorite pouch from Erogwear.
  • Ergowear Feel –“The Feel have a traditional look but are still true to our anatomically correct principles of men’s underwear. They feature a roomy and enhancing FEEL pouch with an adaptable profile”
  • Obviously – “AnatoMAX is the most recent pouch release and it is the largest pouch design available from Obviously. It provides a naturally shaped, anatomical pouch with MAXimum size, MAXimum space and MAXimum comfort. For those customers who previously enjoyed the Modal Range anatomical pouch – AnatoMAX is for you.”
  • Sukrew  – They don’t push the ergonomical pouch in their promotional text. You can see it in their pics. It’s one of those under the radar and in every pair they make. From thongs to oboxer briefs.
  • Big Boys Pants – BBP is a little known UK brand. They are amazing and designed by guys who need a bigger and more comfortable pouch. I have heard a rumor they maybe updating their collection this year. This is a brand worth checking out.

Other Honorable mentions are John Sievers line from International Jock, N2N Bodywear N-hance and  AC Trophy Boy,

We hope this helps. If you have any questions feel free to comment and reach out to us.

Picture features Cocksox CX01


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. I hope your right about the BBP rumor, I’m also surprised Obviously hasn’t put something out in awhile, I hope they bring back a modal line, they should go back to what got them where they are. I’d also like to see John Sievers come out with a thong and bikini brief.

    • Agree about John Sievers, I’ve been waiting for them to come out with a thong

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