I’ll admit that one of my guilty pleasures is seeing guys bend over or raise their hands and getting a peek at their underwear waistband. To me, I love learning about what underwear other guys are wearing. Interestingly, waistbands have become almost a status symbol, with companies trying to make their waistbands stand out as the focal point of any pair of underwear. If you’re looking to impress with your waistband, these are brands and pairs that will definitely do the trick.

Calvin Klein – Iron Strength

This is one of my all time favorite pairs, and the waistband is a lot of the reason I like it. Fitting with its name, all of the waistbands in this line are bold and masculine. It has the legendary Calvin Klein name in the front and six horizontal lines running around the rest of the waistband. Overall, it kind of reminds me of racing stripes, which definitely makes a statement.

Saxx – 3Six Five Boxer (Charcoal Polka Dot)

I always think of Saxx when I think about waistbands, and one particular pair stands out to me. Like the previous pair, it has the brand name and then horizontal stripes, though these are red, white, blue, and gray stripes of different lengths. It’s a nice contrast and it makes this pair of underwear.

2(X)IST – Graphic Modal No Show Brief (Black)

This line has a lot of different types of waistbands, and my favorite has to be the black pair. Though the pair is solid black, the waistband has a unique pattern that reminds me of leopard print but isn’t overpowering. It overall gives up a luxurious vibe that is indicative of the brand.

Andrew Christian – Trophy Boy

This is a classic example of a statement waistband. It exudes confidence and sexiness and anyone who sees it would likely agree. The word “trophy boy” written in bold capital letters against the black waistband conveys a clear message that you’re a guy who is assertive and strong. This is a waistband I always try to show off when I’m wearing it.

Emporio Armani – Magnum

This line’s waistband comes in different colors, but the common theme between them is the two-tone horizontal stripe and Emporio Armani written with the signature eagle logo in the middle. The coolest part is how the font changes to be the opposite color when it crosses the line between the two tones. As fans of Emporio Armani know, this is one of the classiest brands on the market today, and this waistband shows that. (Picture by International Jock)

I love that brands are putting more thought into waistbands. It really shows an attention to detail that elevates any pair of underwear.


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