One style of underwear that is often overlooked is the bikini brief. Many would just wear briefs if they wanted that cut of underwear, and others would wear something like a thong if they’re going for the exoticness factor. I know some are hesitant to buy bikini briefs because the name implies they’re feminine in some way. But I believe you really can’t get much better than bikini briefs. I love them because they’re somehow exotic and unique, yet still comfortable and supportive.

For one, they make you feel and look sexy. They kind of remind me of what a bodybuilder would wear in a competition, which is very appealing to me. Like a good pair of briefs, they allow you to show off your thighs. Overall, it’s clear that when others see you in this pair, all eyes will be on you. If you don’t feel the above when wearing one, it could be used as a good motivator to get fit.

Usually the material used in bikini briefs is more of a polyester blend, which is something I personally like. This is also beneficial for hotter climates because it provides more ventilation. For this reason, they’re also an ideal underwear for working out. My ideal pair is underwear I can wear running errands, working out, and when I’m about to make love and it works perfectly for each. Bikini briefs definitely fit the bill because they’re very comfortable due to their cut and material, good for working out because of the breathability, and good for making love because it’s sexy and skimpy. Few other pairs could say the same thing.

I hope that more brands start making bikini briefs and more guys realize how great they are. Even cheaper brands like Fruit of the Loom make good bikini briefs, which says a lot about how comfortable and appealing they are.



  1. Jackson D Valentine Reply

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I love the way I look in bikini briefs, every man I see wearing them looks great, and you consistently feel sexy in them.

  2. I am personally a fan of the bikini, especially the string bikini as you have pictured. As fashion jocks became more popular, this style seemed to fade out of the main stream. The only place I can find them is online. When I was a teenager (in the 90’s) you could buy them at stores ranging from KMark (which sometimes carries the Joe Boxer strings, but those crush my goods), to Macy’s (in the 90s, CK made a great ribbed cotton string). I like my jocks (fashion and otherwise), but some days, I want the freedom of movement and to my my rear end covered. I regularly look at the cocksox brand (pictured), but the cost has always been an impediment of me trying. (I prefer to buy one of a new brand to see if I like the cut and quality — but if I’m buying on line, the shipping is often less if you are making a full order).

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