aussieBum Handlebar Hipsters

It’s been above average temperature here. Making it great beach weather. So what better place to check out swimwear than aussieBum They’ve introduced some new colors into their swimwear line. If you like stripes, they have quite a few options. Let’s take a look at what new colors are being offered in their current line up.

Vintage Stripe
First up is the Vintage Stripe. Check out the Swimwear Sunday post on them. There are five additional vertical striped color options. There is Burton, which is royal blue, green. Ford is light blue, white, and royal blue. Stripes of black, aqua, and white makeup Keaton. For Newman the stripes are royal blue, red, and yellow. Lastly is Powell with black, white, and green.

aussieBum Vintage Stripe

FABRIC: 100% Polyester
COST: $21.50

Next up for stripes is from their Luxe line, which is available in a brief and more of a sunga cut. The brief are available in Golden Emperor, which is horizontal stripes of blue, white, gold, black. Then there is vertical stripes of white and black called Zebra Stripe. The last brief option is Tiger Stripe, which is horizontal stripes of black and white. For the sunga style you have the choice of Western Rainbow, which a white base color and vertical stripes of red, purple, teal, green. Then there is a white hexagon pattern option called White Shark.

aussieBum Luxe Swimwear

FABRIC: Varies Fabric Contents
COST: $67.75 to $77.99

League 17
If you like more of a skimpy square cut, then there are 4 new color options in their League 17 style. aussieBum has added sky, jade, marine, and steel. All have the 17 and aussieBum name in white other than Jade which has them in black.

aussieBum League 17 Swimwear

FABRIC: 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra
COST: $35.50

Another square cut/ hipster line is Handlebar, which has an additional for colors. Your first color choice is Bondi, which is red and white. Then there is Avalon, which is navy with a bright green. Narrabeen is royal blue and gray. Then Manly is gray and black.

aussieBum Handlebar Swimwear

FABRIC: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane
COST: $39.25

Just want a solid color swim brief? Take a look at the Swish line with four new colors. They are sky, jade, steel, and marine.

aussieBum Swish Swimwear

FABRIC: 80% Nylon, 20% Lycra
COST: $28.75


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