Garcon Model furnished the Elite Sport Trunk for review.

Rating: 8.2/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 8/10
  • Styling: 8/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: Length of trunk, material blend, stylish

Cons: Color selection, cost

UNB Marco recommendation: An all-around good trunk that doesn’t have any major downsides. Comfortable, sexy, and good for any occasion.

Between the two Garcon Model pairs I had worn prior to this trunk, a Sport Brief and a boxer brief from their older line, I had an ambiguous attitude toward the brand. I really liked the Sport Brief, but the boxer brief was not my favorite pair. I hoped this would be more like the Sport Brief since it’s part of the same line, and luckily I was not disappointed. Right out of the package, I could tell this was a comfortable and stylish pair of underwear.

Wearing this pair over an entire day was a very pleasant experience. It was comfortable and, at least after the first day I wore the pair, the legs did not ride up. I couldn’t even tell I was wearing underwear throughout the day at work. It was a decent pair of underwear to work out in, but that wasn’t really where it shined. Still, I liked how it was tagless and the fabric was breathable.

I absolutely loved the fabric blend. I think bamboo is a really interesting fabric and makes for a good pair of underwear. Adding the 5% elastane was a smart move because it gave it more stretchiness and made it very form-fitting. As with the Sport Brief, the pouch feels natural and doesn’t require any readjustment over the course of the day. It was also the perfect length for a trunk, and although I haven’t tried their older trunks, they looked a bit too short for what I would normally consider a trunk. I will note that I wasn’t too excited by the color selection because it really only comes in very bright colors with the exception of Navy. I would have liked to see a gray or black pair. That didn’t bother me too much because the comfort and style definitely outweigh that.

This pair is definitely true to size and it’s stretchy enough where it would be comfortable even if you ordered a size lower or higher. It really fit like a glove without being too tight.

What struck me most with this pair was its balance. By that, I mean the pair was not overly flashy, but also not boring. The waistband is bold and modern, but not gaudy. Overall, it would be a great addition to your underwear drawer simply because it shows off your assets and is comfortable. Although I wish the price were a bit lower, it’s not ridiculous by any means and I still wholeheartedly recommend this pair.

BRAND: Garcon Model

PAIR: Elite Sport Trunk

COLORS: Purple, Orange, Pink, Green, Navy, Red

FABRIC: 95% Bamboo/5% Elastane


COST: $32.00

FURNISHED BY: Garcon Model

Where to buy:


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