White is one of those swimwear colors a lot of guys stay away from. Many of the white pairs become 100% see through when wet. This is a bonus for some readers, but for the most part, you guys don’t want to show off all your business. Some white pairs are designed this way and another are not. One pair that is designed to be worn without showing off all the goods is the Aronik Swim Exalted Bikini.

A lot of the pairs we have shown have been fuller swim briefs, that is to get new guys to try them. This is for those who are comfortable with the swim brief and want the smaller bikini cut. Aronik designs really great swimwear. They have some of the best prints on the market. We will definitely cover them soon, but I wanted to focus on a pair that is simple but classic and the Exalted Bikini. is just that, classic.

Now if you’re not a fan of the white, never fear this style comes in a variety of colors. So, you can find the color that best fits your skin tone. The design is pretty simple but sometimes simple is the best. There isn’t a center seam pouch it’s basic but they manage t create a nice pouch that will give you plenty of support. The fabric isn’t listed on their site but I would assume that it’s a nylon/spandex blend.

Speaking of design, as I mentioned above this should now show off everything you’re packing. Aronik is about style and making the wearer look and feel great. Know when you get out of the water you won’t see people staring because you are showing off all your business. If they are staring in this suit they are liking what they see.

The Aronik Swim Exalted Bikini is on the pricier side at $92. This segment is about exposing you guys to more that’s out there. Price isn’t the determining factor!


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  1. Scott Neet Reply

    Question for anyone with experience wearing white swimsuits… how do you keep it white? I have one white swimsuit that after just a few times at the pool, took on a slightly yellowish tint. Any clues as to how to bring back the white?

    • Oxi and Woolite Handwash. Also try to put sun tan lotion on before getting dressed.

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