Hi everyone, and welcome to another article in our Thong 101 series. We hope you are enjoying it so far. This list is based on a list of “commandments” I came up with a while back, detailing in my humble opinion what I thought the most important things to consider when buying your first thong. Some of these concepts will be discussed in more detail in later articles in the series. In no particular order, here they are:

1. Buy something attractive yet sensible- Pick something in a color you would usually wear. Stay away from mesh or anything that reveals too much for now. Sadly, that means single lined pouches that only show a bit are a no go as well. You also don’t want to go for something super expensive just yet either. Stay away from the $40 pairs and look for sales or such to lessen the monetary loss if you decide thongs aren’t for you.

2. Materials matter- You won’t want your first thong to be something you have to hand wash and air dry, trust me, it’s a major pain in the butt. Get something that you can throw in the washer and dryer with the rest of your underwear.
3. Go with a big name- Having your first thong come from a major brand is better because a pair from a major brand will hopefully be suited for a wider range of people and more likely to suit your needs.

4.Comfort comes first- The skimpiest and sexists pairs are often the least comfortable. When trying your first thong, getting used to it is paramount, so at the beginning comfort, trumps looks. You can always try those other pairs later.

5. Try a few- Men’s thongs are coming in an increasingly wide variety of types, fabrics, and styles these days, and many men have a preference for specific types. You may only like one type, or perhaps them all! Basically, you can’t judge all thongs just by one single pair. Additionally, what other’s may like you might not, and that’s ok! This might be the most important tip among all of these.
6. All of these rules can be broken- Last but not least, if a pair really catches your eye, even if it doesn’t meet any of these suggestions, go for it. Finding a pair you love can really help trying a new style of underwear, and can overcome any negative traits from that. In the end, it is all up to individual preference. It’s your underwear, get what you want!

I know some of these tips may be a now brainer, but you would be surprised how overwhelming it can get when you are looking to buy your very first thong. I hope these suggestions help you to decide, or even give you the push to make that purchase! Any other good suggestions you think I might have missed? Let us know in the comments blow, or message us on Twitter.

Picture features Sukrew thong.

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