aussieBum Stryker Collection

When I first saw this collection it called sports underwear. Also, the name of them reminded me of a position in soccer or football for non-Americans. The design and accented stitching of this collection reminded me of other athletic clothing. aussieBum does promote this as sports performance underwear that brings ultra comfort on and off the field. This collection is available in four styles and two colors.

All pairs have a fairly wide looking waistband in gray with the aussieBum name on it. Then you can choose black with red stitching or blue with red stitching for the body of the underwear. Pick your style from a jock, jock brief, what I’ll call a jock hipster, or go with the long legged boxer brief. All but the boxer brief are made to expose the buttock. They’re made out of a super soft modal fabric that is breathable and supportive. The blend of the fabric is 87% micro modal and 13% elastane. I find modal to be a great all around fabric. The amount of support it provides does seem to be determined by the amount of the elastane, lycra, or spandex type fabric they blend with it. At least that is my experience with modal fabrics.

All styles are available in sizes small to extra large. They are to be machined washed gentle in cold water and are not to be tumbled dried. So if you don’t like to hang your undies to dry you might want to pass on these. Though I think air drying your underwear helps them last longer. Heat tends to be hard on elasticity. This line is proudly made in Australia. If you are in the market for some athletic underwear then maybe a pair from the Stryker collection would suit the occasion.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Stryker
NEW COLORS: Black, Blue
FABRIC: 87% Micro Modal, 13% Elastane

aussieBum Stryker Boxer Brief
COST: $31.75
aussieBum Stryker Hipster
COST: $27.75
aussieBum Stryker Jock Brief
COST: $22.25
aussieBum Stryker Jock
COST: $19.25

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