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Olaf Benz started its journey into men’s underwear in 1989. Founded by stylist and photographer Alfons Krauzer who still manages the designs for the lines. Olaf Benz differentiates itself by using the latest technologies, which will cover some of those innovations a bit later. The brand is certain that only an excellent product can create brand loyalty with customers. They believe their creativity is essential to this success.

Olaf Benz has quite a variety of styles in their collection. In underwear, they have the trunks also referred to as mini pants or hipsters. They offer briefs, but most are more a sports cut. There are different varieties of bikinis to choose from along with thongs (mini strings). Also in their lineup, you’ll find the boxer brief cut, boxers shorts, jocks, and leggings. Olaf Benz also offers quite a few options in swimwear. They got you covered with singlets or swim body suits and swim pants. Even have the swim shorts. There are square cut suits of varying leg lengths. Swim brief and bikini cuts of different side widths. Then for those that what cheek exposes, they have thongs too. They have a good selection of colors and prints throughout their offering.

Olaf Benz has several innovations in the swim and underwear realm. They introduced the first underwear series that can be scented individually with your personal fragrance. The warmth of the skin releases the fragrance that you applied to the integrated pad. They took an ultra fine mesh fabric developed for a Spacelab experiment and create their “Phantom” series with it. They integrated an indicator into swimming trunks to indicate when to reapply sunscreen. Depending on the UV intensity it changed color. One other example of innovation is they came up with a brief only weighing 14 grams instead of the ordinary underwear that can weigh up to 150 grams. Help save space and weight in the businessman’s luggage.

Expect to pay more for Olaf Benz items. They are more of a premium brand who prides themselves on using the finest and most innovative fabrics. Along with making their items with great care and skillful craftsmanship.

Have you tried the brand, Olaf Benz? If so let us know your thoughts on them in the comments.

Website: Olaf Benz
Where to Buy: Deadgoodundies – Underwear, Deadgoodundies – Swimwear


Hi, I'm Nate from The Bottom Drawer. I’m a husband and father that just happens to be avid about bikinis and thongs. The craze started in my late teens and continues.


  1. I probably have about a dozen Olaf Benz/Manstore thongs. I have been wearing Olaf Benz for years now, my favorite brand along with their sister company Manstore. Fabrics and fit are second to none. The lightest weight fabrics that fit just PERFECTLY. I love my skimpy underwear and no one does it better.

    • Good to know! I will have to try them, especially their swim thong.

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