When we last saw Mandies it was a few years ago. Remember the pictures of the pink undies in the amusement park? If you forgot we posted one above to refresh your memory. Mandies is a very fun, show it off kind of brand. Made in bright colors and interesting cuts. This collection continues that trend. We will cover a few of the pairs. You can see the entire collection on Candyman Fashion.

The collection is broken up into jocks, briefs, and the lone thong. JOCKS! Jocks are big in the collection. I would say the majority of the pairs are a form of jock. When I say a form of jock, it’s not the traditional jock you expect. They have taken the style and turned it on its head. Making jock briefs, classic jocks, and hybrids. One of the more interesting jocks is the MDS015 Sabatini-Princess Jockstrap. It’s a cross between a jock and boxer brief. The strap has a very interesting placement as well. If you are looking for something a little more classic try the MDS011 Bow Jockstrap. It’s a colorful and fun Jock Brief.

If briefs are your thing, there are a few good briefs in the collection. The briefs have some interesting cut outs. They are placed in the front and in the back. The MDS013 Casino Briefs have a slight cut out in the pouch and a more bikini cut. By bikini cut, we mean no fabric on the sides. Speaking of cut outs, if you like fun cut outs try the MDS005 Jacuzzi Briefs. This brief has the same cut as the Casino Briefs but two cut outs on each side in the back! Don’t worry if you want something with full coverage, get the MDS007 Marco Polo Briefs.

Lastly is the lone thong. The MDS019 Discotheque Thongs are a classic cut thong. The back looks a bit larger than most thongs. I’m not the thong expert on the site. It comes in just two colors. This collection isn’t heavy on the thongs. Maybe we will see more in the next collection.

Find this and more at CandymanFashion.com



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