Hey, everyone, it’s Underweardude. Clever is back with its new fall line up, and I’ve picked out a few pairs that I think are awesome! They’ve divided this season’s collection into six broad subjects: Print’s, Pick and go, Sport, Elite, Sexy, and Swimwear.

Clever has always done some fun prints, and this year is no exception with the pairs in their Print section. My favorite of the bunch is probably the Cosmopolitan, seen below as a brief but it’s also available as a boxer-brief. It’s probably the most understated print from Clever in this new collection, so if you are looking for something flashier you won’t be disappointed.

Pick and go looks like stuff meant for everyday wear, but with a Clever spin on things. While the Aura line sports a stylish and useful mesh rear, you’d mostly likely find me in the Grape colored Classy Icon Latin brief. I own several Clever Latin briefs in various colors myself, and I quite like them. They are quite a low rise but still feel very much like a pair of briefs. More basic boxers and briefs are available if that suits your tastes as well.

Sport sees the proliferation of mesh continue, as a majority of the pairs from this segment consist of close-knit mesh that doesn’t appear to be see through, in case you were worried. I like the look of the Spaceman brief myself. With the entirety of the rear made of mesh, you’ll never get overheated back there, or get the dreaded “swamp-ass.”


Elite seems harder to pin down than the other divisions, the pairs within all have a classy look to them. Mostly solid tones, my favorite of them being the green Navy Latin brief. It’s rare to see such a light shade of green grace men’s underwear.


Sexy is where Clever lets its designs go wild. See through mesh, skimpy bikinis, jocks, and thongs all dwell here. If I had to choose, I’d go with either the New Wave Brief, which harkens back to Clever’s old Romano Brief style, that has been missing from Clever’s lineup for some years now that I quite like, or the navy thong, with some fun color combinations. While brown isn’t usually my pick for the color of my underwear, the bright blue trim and logo on the waistband just pop for me, and I think they work well together.

Lastly, we have swimwear, with a bevy of fun prints. My favorite is the Summertime swimsuit Brief, particularly the rear. Such a nicely composed illustration, and a great use of color. I could easily see a print of this hanging on a wall somewhere.

So which pair would you wear? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, or let us know on twitter!

See the new collection at the Clever Moda site. 


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