aussieBum GridFit Underwear

Are you going to be on the gridiron this year? Or are you just an active individual that needs some performance underwear? Then aussieBum has you covered with another new release of performance underwear. Their newest release, the GridFit line is made for you. They are offering it in a limited edition brief or hipster (trunk) or go for both. Don’t miss out on getting yourself a pair for your next workout.

Both styles are available in classic white and are accented with red and blue piping. Also, those colors are incorporated in the waistband. The waistband features the aussieBum name in red with blue and red stripes between the repetition of the name. The mesh pouch is accented with red piping. Then a couple of inches from that runs a blue piping stripe from waistband to leg opening. The mesh pouch is designed for moisture wicking. The enhanced shaping GridFit design is both breathable and supportive when you most need it. All great features to keep your boys happy.

The Gridfit line is made out of a fabric blend of 90% nylon and 10% elastane. They are to be machine wash cold but will need to be hung to dry for best durability. So dryer guys probably will want to pass on these. Also, they state to avoid rough surfaces. Like most of aussieBum’s products, they are proudly made in Australia. These are available in sizes small to extra large.

Really couldn’t everyone use a pair of performance underwear now and then? We all have days we sweat. Your package deserves some supportive, breathability, and moisture wicking love. Step up your game and beat the competition in a pair of GridFit briefs or trunks from aussieBum. Remember they state they are limited edition, so you never know how long they’ll be around to buy.

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: GridFit
FABRIC: 90% Nylon 10% Elastane
COST: Brief – $19.75; Hipster – $21.25

aussieBum GridFit Brief Hipster


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