Are you ready for Halloween? Maybe you are the kind that likes spooky costumes. Or, maybe you want to wear something super sexy? If you like the later, boy are you in luck. Candyman just released a few new costumes! They have always been the leader in super sexy costume underwear. Do you remember the cowboy or policeman? They were super fun!

S&M Costume – Did you see 50 Shades of Grey and want to live out a fantasy. Or, do you have dominant tendencies? Grab a costume that releases the inner dom to wear in with your significant other. Who are we to say, wear it out one night as well! Just be prepared for looks and grabs throughout the night. Retails – $29.48 at Candyman Fashion.

Pirate Costume – Pirates are always popular at Halloween. This is no Pirate of the Caribean. It’s more Pirate of your fantasy Black Sails. Yes, it comes with everything you see! The headband, eye patch and more. Dive into Halloween in this super fun Pirate costume. – $41.48 at Candyman Fashion

Unicorn Costume – Unicorns are HUGE right now. Candyman has come out with a more novelty pair for the unicorn. Sorry, there is no head mane or horn on your head. The Unicorn comes in a thong and boxer brief. The horn is on the pouch of each style. Each style has a rainbow lace up in the back. Pair that with lace and you get a very interesting pair indeed. Thong retails for $20.48 at Candyman Fashion. The Boxer Brief retails for $24.48 at Candymanfashion

Sheep Costume – If Little Bo Peep lost here sheep you can find it now! This looks more like the Big Bad Wolf to me but the ears are different. Made out of a plaid, flannel looking shirt with a hood and ears. Paired with a denim look, pair of briefs. Now, this is one pair you could definitely wear out on the town. $32.48 at CandymanFashion

Pilot Costume – They have had a pilot costume before. It was a bit more conservative. Made out of a tie and boxer briefs. This time you can fly the friendly skies with a pilot in a thong. Complete with wings, hat and rank insignia. The tie and thong are one in this version. $41.48 at Candymanfashion

Bullfighter Costume – OLE! Have you ever wanted to fight a bull? What about a bull in the bedroom! Candyman is mixing lace and masculinity with this collection big time. This costume has a lace pair of underwear made to look like bullfighter pants. The hat and shoulder pads are included. $41.48 at Candyman Fashion

Vampire Costume – The Pilot isn’t the only one getting a 2.0 refresh. The Vampire has a new design as well. This is very much the “Interview with a Vampire” type of feel. At least to me it does. It has a high color and a mini cape. The briefs have red lace over a black body with a cutout/lace up in the back. $27.48 at Candyman Fashion

Firefighter Costume – It’s time to rescue someone with this Firefighter costume! Bust down the door and rescue the trapped person. Made with a lace brief and safety stripe on the front. The neckband is another safety reflector and topped with a hat! It’s not standard issue uniform. $37.48 at Candyman Fashion

These are the new ones. There are some of your favorites still there! But enjoy and have fun this Halloween.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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