Hey everyone, and welcome to another edition of Show us your Drawers, where we take a look at a UNB writer or reader’s underwear drawer. Today we have our first reader submission, from Steve. Here is what he has to say:

“Here’s my drawer. I’m up to 43 pairs organized by category of course. Jocks are on the left, then g-strings, thongs, bikinis toward the middle, briefs and finally trunks on the far right. As you can see, I try and mix it up with a variety of colors and patterns.

There are 15 different brands represented, with the top three being Gregg Homme, C-IN2 and JM. My current favorite pair is definitely the teal Grip thong from Gregg Homme. It’s got a really sexy strappy cut-out on one half and detachable buckles.
Love the blog, keep up the great work!”
Thanks so much Steve! Want to be like Steve and show off your collection? Send an email to info@underwearnewsbriefs.com with  Drawer in the subject line, along with a picture of your underwear drawer and a paragraph or two about your underwear collection and/or storage system. We look forward to seeing your drawer!

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