Hi, guys, it’s Underweardude, back again with another look into the underwear drawers of the internet. Today’s drawer is from yet another UNB writer, The Bottom Drawer! Here is what he has to say:

As you can see from the photo, my drawer is not neat at all. It doesn’t mean there is absolutely no organization to it. I use to fold my underwear and at least stacked them in the drawer. Then I got married and had kids so taking time to fold undies went out the door.

When I did an organization post for my blog I attempted to make my drawer neater. See photo below. The photo doesn’t have all my pairs in the drawer but shows my feeble attempt at some order. What I’ve found from my organization attempts is none of them really helped me find the pair I was looking for. You’d think by the picture of the neat drawer I would be able too. Part of this is probably due to having close to 200 pairs now. Then there is the problem of not keeping the drawer that neat too.


Now I do try to keep a bit of order in the drawer most of the time. I keep pairs that are older or don’t care too much about to one side. These I wear for things like yard work or exercising that can be harder on a pair. The other side for newer pairs and ones I want to keep in decent shape longer. So far all my underwear fits in one drawer, due to them being bikinis and thongs. I’m actually planning on trying to do a purge of the drawer. There are pairs I don’t wear and probably will never wear again that I should stop storing. I’m sure there are some in there that should be retired too.e

I’m hoping the show us your drawer series that Underweardude came up with will give me ideas on improving the messy drawer I have. Maybe with doing an underwear purge and some new organization ideas, it will improve my ability to find the pair I’m looking for quicker. At least when I am actually looking for a particular pair. Come join in on showing us your drawer by emailing us at info@underwearnewsbriefs.com and use Drawer in the subject line. I look forward to reading everyone’s submissions.

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