Bruno Banani Blood String Review

Rating: 9.8/10

Daily Fit: 10/10
Sizing: 10/10
Construction: 9/10
Styling: 10/10
Daily Performance: 10/10

Pros: Great cut, excellent support, very comfortable
Cons: Tag in pouch, double layer pouch
Recommendation: Go try a pair. Overall great cut and fit. Would be one I’d get again.

Bruno Banani is a brand I have not tried before, and UNBTim kindly got me the Blood String in red to try. Let me tell you it’s been awhile since I’ve found a thong that has really impressed me. Yeah, I’ve seen several decent thongs, but this one got my attention. Basically the overall fit and cut are right on to my liking.

The thong has a nice moderate coverage pouch that frames the package well. It also offers good support. Feels like it would give great support no matter what activity you were doing in them. The pouch has the flat front look but has a bit of contouring at the base of the pouch. The tail of these is nice, sleek, and streamlined. It’s cut just right to form a nice T in the back and enters between the cheeks comfortably. The back is noticeable for me, but it’s a comfortable feeling. The back is about 5/8″ wide. Then it has the slim sides at about 1″ to show off those legs. Overall a nice snug fits with the right amount of cover all the way around for a traditional thong cut.

The fabric of the thong is nice and cozy. It’s a vertical striped fabric that has dull, thick stripes and shiny narrow ones. It’s a blend of 88% polyamide and 12% elastane. They have a silky satin feel to them and has clinging ability from the elastane. The thong forms to you nicely. At the top of the center of the pouch, there is a little rubber tag sewn on with the brand name printed on it. They’re made in Germany and can be machine washed and dried.

There are a couple of minor things with the thong that doesn’t really impact anything. Just more of pet-peeves. First, they have the care tag sewn in the pouch. It’s off center, so hasn’t really been an issue and easy enough to cut out if it starts causing problems. The other thing is the pouch has a double layer of fabric. Usually double layers I feel effect breathability. On the other hand, it may be given the thong the nice support it has. Just some nitpicky things that would not persuade me not to buy these.

Bruno Banani Blood String is an awesome pair in my opinion. It’s one I would buy again. From the photos, it appears all the Bruno Banani thongs look to be similar in cut. I think it is more the fabrics that define the lines. I wouldn’t hesitate to try any of their other thongs. The brand will be more a treat myself one since they are more expensive than I typically like to spend on a pair. Plus I have not come across a US retailer of them, so would be International shipping to get a pair too. Go ahead and treat yourself to one of Bruno Banani thongs. As always let us know your experience with the thong and brand.

Brand: Bruno Banani
Made: Germany
Pair: Blood String
Colors: Black, Red
Fabric: 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastance
Sizes: S – XL
Cost: $22.00
Where to buy: Dead Good Undies


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    • I think the blood string may be on the way out. The brand site doesn’t have the thong listed. Dead Good Undies doesn’t have all sizes available. Like I said in the review the thong cuts by them look pretty similar, so would think pretty similar fit.

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