Hi everyone, and welcome to another edition of Show us your Drawers!, a series dedicated to having a look at the underwear drawers of UNB readers and writers. Today we are taking a look at the drawers of UNBDustin. Here is what he has to say:

“I’d love to say my underwear drawer is perfectly folded and organized because half of me is OCD and likes things just so.  However, the other half is lazy and can’t be bothered.  So first, you’ll see I have a dresser just for underwear.  It’s vintage and cool (even the original liner in the drawers) but doesn’t actually hold a lot.  I do separate by style: top drawer for thongs and jocks, middle two for briefs and bottom drawer for boxer briefs and boxer shorts.  This keeps things easier to find and looking pretty neat.  However, with 250+ pairs, they don’t all fit.  This is where the other side of me kicks in: a laundry basket with underwear simply folded and stacked in there.  It’s not on its way from the laundry – that’s where it lives.  The problem with this is that I think I only wear about 10% of my gear because I grab what’s on or near the top.  I never make resolutions but I might this year…wear a different pair every day until I’ve gone through my entire collection.  If I don’t like wearing them, get rid of them.  This will hopefully help me clear things out and make way for new stuff!”

Thanks, Dustin! Want to join Dustin in showing off your collection and storage methods? Send an email to info@underwearnewsbriefs.com with “Drawer!” in the title, along with a picture of your underwear drawer and a short paragraph describing your collection and/or storage methods. I hope to receive your submission soon!

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