Valentine’s Day is about love and passion! Some of us will have it and others of us will celebrate Singles Day! This post you have me the single guy giving you two recommendations and Osgon and UNB Ryan who each has a significant other give his suggestions. Don’t be sad I’m used to the single life! And dating will happen when it happens.

UNB Tim’s Recommendation

Just because you are single doesn’t mean you can’t wear great undies. I have two suggestions for you for the big night of watching Netflixing and chilling alone. The first pair is the Cocksox CX01 Bikini. This is hands down one of the best pairs to make you feel great. The bikini gives what you got a bit of a lift and shows it off! The fabric is amazing and fits very well. It’s super fun and I feel super sexy when I wear them.

Another pair that I LOVE is another bikini! It’s the Ergowear Suave X3D Bikini. The X3D is my favorite pouch. Followed by the Max and Feel pouches. The pouch is great but the fabric really makes the Suave collection. It’s amazingly soft and feels amazing on you. Those are the two things that I look for most!

Being single isn’t about not wearing great underwear because no one will see it. You know you are wearing it! So break it out and enjoy!

Osgon’s Recommendations 

I’ve always viewed Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to try a new and daring pair of underwear.  This might include a designer that’s new to me, or it might be a style that I don’t wear on a typical day.  I also use VD as an excuse to spend a little more on a pair of underwear, especially if I think my husband might appreciate my extra effort.

In past years my selections included a variety of jocks, thongs and g-strings in varying fabrics and colors.  Silk, cotton, microfiber, pleather, and even leather have made a Valentine’s Day appearance.  A favorite from many years ago was a red silk contour thong from the now gone Undergear.

If you’ve never tried silk, you should.  Silk is always appropriate for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day.  It’s a sexy, unisex fabric.  Whether you choose a boxer, bikini, thong, or g-string silhouette, silk provides a smoothness and a coolness next to your skin that is unmatched.

If you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone and try silk underwear, online Retailer His Room currently offers two different silk knit thongs by Magic Silk.  I recommend both.  The first (featuring a moniker waistband) is on sale for $16.10.  The second (without a branded waistband) sells for $15.75.

Other silhouettes and colors are also available at at varying prices.

UNB Ryan recommendation

I don’t get too excited about Valentine’s Day, but will absolutely use it as another excuse to buy some new cute underwear. If you’ve read anything I have written in the past you’ll know that my favorite thing to wear is a thong, both as underwear and swimwear. Unfortunately living in North Carolina it’s gonna be too cold to wear my swim thong on Valentine’s Day so I’ll have to settle for a sexy pair under my pants!

For this Valentine’s Day I plan to wear my white Joe Snyder Sock It Thong. It is crafted out of white lace, which is perfect for a sext Valentine’s Day surprise for your spouse or partner. I am married, and try to think about what my wife will like to see me in when picking out a date night outfit. Picking out my underwear is the first step. First, I always pick something that suits my mood and what we’ll be doing. Next, I always try to find something that will be exciting for her to see me in! Last, I always want something that accentuates my better features. For me I definitely think that’s my booty!

I found the Joe Snyder Sock-It thong on It currently retails for $30.


Osgon is a certified fitness instructor living in the Dallas, Texas, area.

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