As much as we would like it not everyone can wear a swim brief for various reasons. Sometimes it’s family, other times location and other times are you may not feel you best. A great pair of swim shorts is great to have in your swimwear collection each year.

The official description is:

Confident, masculine and bold! These are designed to be form fitted and stretchy for optimum mobility and comfort. Supa lightweight with bold and vibrant prints that make this the essential beach short. It features a quick-dry fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. Stretchy and lightweight for optimum mobility. Fitted to give you a slimming silhouette. Internal mesh lining for extra support.

The shorts themselves feature three different prints. They are ice cream, hot dogs, and watermelons. The small prints make it a lot of fun and not juvenile. I saw these in Vegas and they are pretty cool. This is perfect for guys who don’t want a loud vivid print but want a fun pair to wear to the beach. Each print could be a conversation starter at the beach/pool.

My personal favorite is the Ice Cream. I like the light blue and prints. But you can pick out your favorite pair. The three swim shorts go on sale March 13 at the Supawaer site



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