So this year is N2N’s 25th anniversary, and they’ve been celebrating by coming out with new lines and styles all year, as well as bringing back some old favorites as well. So far we’ve seen Camo, Ribbed, and Tropic make a return, and this week in there featured Friday email I noticed a somewhat different return.

The California Dreaming line is a couple years old, and was one of my favorites visually. The stripes were really fun and also made the pouch look fantastic, and the material was super soft to boot. I’ve got the bikini, and it’s one of my favorite pairs. Lo and behold, the line has returned, but in a new style! At the time the line was originally out, they had a jock, bikini, trunk, and brief. I was disappointed that there was not a thong in the line. As you probably have guessed by now, the new pair is a thong!

The thong is made from the same super soft rayon fabric as the old line, but lacks the wide black waistband of the old line, favoring the more traditional N2N thong silhouette. If you’ve ever worn their Classic Cotton Thong, you should know what to expect.

A couple notes:
This pair may have been out for awhile and I just may have missed it because as of the writing of this post there are only two color choices currently while the original line had four to choose from. This may be that these two were the most popular of the old ones, but don’t quote me on that. Also, it is on sale, which I’d call a good thing! I know I don’t need more thongs but it’s going to be hard to keep myself from getting this one. You can purchase it here for just $16 currently.

Got a pair you’d like to see as Thong of the Week? Send me an email to, or message me or the blog on twitter @underweardude or @unbblog. Have a terrific Thong Thursday everyone!

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