The last few years we have been challenging you guys to wear a swim brief. We have had various writers over the years to encourage you guys! Then last year we added in the Swim Thong challenge. UNB Ryan and a few other writers have braved the Thong in public and want more guys to join in on the fun. We are bringing them both back this year. I know that is a shocker!

We want to do more with the challenges. Not just talk about them but hear your stories about wearing a brief or thong for the first time in public. Share with us your feelings as you dropped the shorts for the first time. Then how your day went. Would you keep wearing them? Where you at a pool, beach or lake? Was it private or public?

The next big question is would you do one or both? Some guys have no desire to wear a thong and that’s fine. While other guys who want to wear a thong don’t want to wear a swim brief. It’s really surprised me over the last year how many guys want to thong it up. I have done both over the years but have never been brave enough to wear the thong in public. It’s always been a private pool. Swim briefs I have worn in private/public pools, at the lake, and at the ocean. Many times I was the only guy in them and I didn’t care. What can I say I was in my 20’s and said fuck it!

If you aren’t doing the challenge, why aren’t you? Is it because you’re married and you don’t want to do it around kids? You may not feel you can pull off either? Maybe it’s body image issues? Just why? There is no wrong answer. We are all guys who have bonded over underwear and you do you!

How can you share? You can email us directly or I’m going to set up an easy form (below) and on a page, you can do it anytime. I”ll probably add it to our contact form!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. I took the swim thong challenge last year and it was awesome! I skipped over the swim brief, mostly because I wore them on swim team growing up. So this summer I think I’ll scale back and try a swim brief at the beach. But definitely doing the swim thong again since I own 2 now.

  2. I love swim briefs and wear them whenever I can. Doing a family vacation this summer with the in-laws so we’ll see how they do with it. I won’t do the thong challenge however. They’re not at all flattering on my body and I don’t find them comfortable. Those of you who can though, thumbs up!

  3. I pretty much only wear swim briefs in public. Sometimes a jammer, but never board shorts. While I’ve worn a thong at a private pool twice, it’s just not for me. The only thongs I wear are as underwear and sportswear.

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