I was going through my news app and came across something interesting. The BBC reported that tight swimwear, aka swim briefs, is the most hated piece of clothing in the UK. It ranks above leather pants and Crocs. It got me thinking if this was a wider issue in the US and rest of the world?

Every year we do our Swim Brief Challenge, to have guys wear swim briefs where they feel comfortable. It could be a private sun deck, private pool, public lake or beach. It’s about easing into it with your comfort level and building on it. I have worn swim briefs since I was 18, both in private and public. I love the fit and feel of them and prefer them as swimwear over board shorts. More of our readers gay/bi/straight are starting to wear them as well.

My biggest concern about the article was, “are guys wearing the correct size?” If you’re into underwear/swimwear you know sizing varies per manufacturer. If you wear a size too small it feels like your manhood is in a vice and being squeezed to death. If too big it offers no support and can be baggy. Also, different body types look better in different designs. For example, I’m a bigger guy and a 3-inch side swim brief fits better and looks better. If you’re a muscle guy, going for a 1-inch side can look great. It depends on your body composition and comfort level.

Outside of us underwear guys, very few guys talk about underwear and swimwear. If you have fallen into the trap of wearing the wrong size or not knowing about different sizing, you don’t have anyone to ask advice to about the gear. We need to be more open about gear and talk. It’s a process I have been advocating for over 10 years!

I”m curious as to what you guys think about this article? Why do you think it’s the most hated clothing in the UK? What can be done to change the image of the swim brief? Both for the US and UK. You guys are pretty smart and always bring up great points.

Read the BBC Tight Swimwear article


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