PPU has always been one brand that is always fun. They have never been one to stick to the plain and simple designs. Their designs have been over the top and always on the wild side. I wouldn’t say that they are a “fetish” brand. When I think fetish brand it’s more of the leather community and bondage. Maybe that’s just my own shallow definition. This now enters that world, lace and more. I think they have all fetish levels and likes covered in this.

Many pairs of this collection are 100% see-through mesh or cutouts. We can’t show you the full monty here but you can see it on a few sites. I”m not sure all will cover it. The mesh is black and mixed with harnesses. These pairs would definitely be for a bar night or a fun night out. Or a fun night in where you don’t go out for the weekend.

If that’s not your thing we have some more of the traditional PPU pair with cutouts and pouches that accent your manhood. Also, included in this new line is mesh. If memory serves me correct, and I bet it’s not. They haven’t done much with lace over the years. Not like Candyman and Pikante.

Overall this is a show-off collection. It’s about having fun and being with others who appreciate it. Check out this and all the PPU at the Candyman Fashion site. If you like the wild side of undies, you are going to love this line. As you can see by the pics here.


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