This is not a post I thought I would ever post on UNB. We don’t collect info from our readers. That means we don’t have accounts on the log, track you guys or deal with sensitive information in any way. We do use third-party programs/apps that help us out. One of them that we have used in the past is TypeForm. They create forms we have used in polls and surveys. We had 5 forms compromised. Three of them didn’t have any identifiable information. We only asked questions and a pseudonym for posting a quote. However, our 2018 and 2017 Reader Survey forms were compromised. On these forms, we use email to limit voting once per day. They potentially got this info. Here is the statement from TypeForm.

We just received a message that Typeform had a data breach, which affected one (or more) of the typeforms we sent out. Typeform reports that an external attacker managed to get unauthorized access to respondent data and downloaded it.

The good news is that Typeform responded immediately and fixed the source of the breach to prevent any further intrusion.

If your name and email was downloaded by the attacker, then we recommend that you watch out for potential phishing scams, or spam emails. 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

We have since moved back to Google Forms for our upcoming Reader Survey and will be going back to them for all forms. I’m in the process of getting all the info off the TypeForm site and deleting the forms so this will not happen again. I’m not sure if you voted if your email was viewed by this third party.

We apologize for this but this was out of our control. If you didn’t vote in either award you are not affected by this issue. No other information such as credit card, names, or identifiable information was taken.


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