I need to dig in my underwear drawer and organize it and get them in order. I have let them get way out of hand. But I’m thinking I may need to change things up rather than doing what I am currently doing. Right now I have them organized by my favorites. The top drawer is my favorites, then second fav and then ok pairs. Then the others are in a tub in the closet. This has served me well but it’s not rotating the collection. Every so often I find a pair and go, “OH yeah I loved this pair.”

Here are the ways I”m thinking of organizing:

Organizing by Favorites

I’m lazy what can I say. Just keep things the way they are and go through the collection and put new favorites in the drawer and go through the older pairs and see what I discover. Sorta mix things up and still go by my favorite pairs. I mean it’s served me well for several years.

Organize by style

I know many guys like to organize by briefs, bikinis, thongs, jocks and such. It’s a great way to go through a collection and find what you need when you are in a mood to wear a certain pair. I could do briefs and bikinis in the main drawer, followed by Jocks, boxer briefs and thongs.

Organize by Brand

One I’m not big on is organizing by brand. I’d have to remember that Cocksox is in the top drawer and then Xtremen is in the bottom drawer. It seems like a lot of work to do by brand. I can easily sort style faster than brand. Plus putting away would be much faster by style or favorite.

Organize by color

This is one I have considered in the past. Color is very important to me and I love to wear bright bold colors. I can put my favorite colors in the top drawer and go down from there to my least favorite color.

Which do you think I should do? Which one do you organize your undies drawer by and what do you like about it? I’d love to hear from you guys.


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  1. I organize by separate drawers of color (black, white, colors) with my favorite styles combined in each. There is another drawer of mixed remaining pairs – mostly less fun/interesting, more functional stuff.

  2. By brand–four drawers. Jockstraps and mesh have their own sections. Undies from non-preferred brands get lumped together.

  3. I have 80 jockstraps, so they are in one drawer and organized by brand. I purchased some grid drawer organizers and they work great for keeping my jocks organized. My 20 boxers and 40 boxer briefs all reside in another drawer. I then have a drawer for the odds and ends trunks, pouches, thongs, and briefs). Yup, I’m an “Undie Junkie”.

  4. I keep mine in plastic bins the size of shoe boxes folded on end and typically sort mine by brand because I know each brand has a certain fit I can count on (i.e. Cocksox vs. Calvin). I do keep my jocks and more exotic styles in a different bin. When I’m in the mood for something more daring I know right where to go,

  5. I organize mine in two drawers (about 50-60 pairs). One drawer is for white, black and grey briefs and some print boxers. The other is for color briefs sorted by style and brand and also jocks and thongs.

  6. Blake Nelson Reply

    As a fellow underbuddy, I know how important our collection is (my collection is somewhere about 1200 pairs). Being that my collection is so big, organizing is a must. Like you, and I imagine most others, we loose track of some of our favorites. Some times it is like Christmas when you open that tote you stored away and you find those pairs of gear that you forgot about.

    Myself, I organize my gear by style. I have 2 dressers to house a portion of my collection. One dresser is a 6 drawer horizontal cabinet and the other is a 5 vertical cabinet. The 6 drawer houses my boxers, boxer briefs, briefs and bikini briefs. The 5 drawer houses my thongs, jocks, swimwear and misc. gear. Since bikini cut is my favorite, I have those separated by material (cotton and silky). The reason I organize by style is because typically I choose my underwear based on if it’s work or play and then by material, how the pair will be fit under what I’m wearing and if I want to show off what I’m wearing underneath or if I need them for performance or I’m feeling daring/sexy and wear a animal print thong all day at work. I have to say that all the drawers are over filled and have a rough time getting them closed.

    I hope this helps and would like to hear if you found what best works for you.


  7. I keep mine organized by brand, and then the different lines within each brand. I do this because certain brands fir differently, and the different lines (usually different material) are my next consideration. The only exception is that I have all my jock straps (fashion and the more practical) together.

  8. Currently, I have three drawers in my dresser for underwear.

    Drawer 1 is exclusively for jockstraps as my collection has grown to over 80 jocks. These are arranged by brand and I use a simple drawer organizer that has a lot of compartments. The trick is that the sides of the drawer organizer needs to have some decent depth to accommodate standing the jocks on their side after rolling them up. This allows the edge of the waistband to show and usually a bit of the leg-strap. Brands include Pump, AussieBum, Andrew Christian, 10Seven, JockUp, C-in2, Diesel, Fort Troff, and Jack Adams.

    Drawer 2 is for my boxer briefs and boxers. Yes, I still wear boxers, don’t shoot me! 😉 Again, I’m using basic drawer organizers to organize 35+ boxer briefs and 15+ boxers. For boxers, Duluth Trading and American Eagle make a great fitted boxer that doesn’t poof up around the ass. UnderArmour boxers also fit nice. For my boxer briefs, I’m almost exclusively UnderArmour.

    Drawer 3 is a mix of compression shorts, trunks, and no-fly boxer briefs. Brands include the usual suspects of Nike and UnderArmour; however, I have recently purchased some no fly boxer briefs from Pistol Pete and I am very impressed with their fit. I also have some compression shorts from AussieBum. My trunks are by Adidas & Pistol Pete and pouches are by WildmanT.

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