When I was looking for a video to post I ran across this news story from Australian TV. This report was first aired on October 12, 1977. Almost 41 years ago. And if you watch you will still see we are having this discussion. You think in the last 40 year we would have seen movement in the minimal men’s swimwear acceptance. In the 80’s swimwear started to go longer. In the 90’s and earlyl 2000’s we had the board shorts and now we are going smaller again.

A lot of these comments are still being made today! What is your opinion about this report.


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  1. Definitely fun to watch for the retro aspect, but also sad that we’re still having this conversation.

  2. I grew up through the 70’s and I started wearing bikini underwear as a kid. They came in multicolour cardboard boxes and even then I loved them. Seeing Underoos commercials during the Saturday morning cartoons began my shift to matching briefs/t-shirt combos. Moving into my teens I began to wear the more accepted jockey y-front briefs, but still secretly preferred to wear string/tanga bikini styles. today I tend to mix my collection with contrast color briefs (some with matching T-shirt’s ), tanga, thongs, and pouches. I’ll still never understand the wearing of boxer briefs under board shorts when swimming..

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