Sukrew is an awesome underwater company. For those who need an amazing pouch, and after our reader survey, I know many of you do. Check out the new colors from the brand. They always release awesome colors and prints.

Introducing the new Roxwell (blue), Saxon (orange), and the Newbury (pink). Each in soft cotton/elastane fabric with matching colour branding on the waistbands. Also available as a 3 pack.

I already predict that the Newbury will do amazing. Something about pink underwear that guys just love! No matter the brand pink seems to do amazing for brands. And guys can’t seem to get enough of it. The other colors are amazing. I know we have a few orange fans out there. This orange will POP.

One thing they have done that is super smart is they are offering all three pairs in a 3-pack. So if you were interested in all three colors you could basically buy two and get one free. Who doesn’t love a deal on amazing undies? Right now I only know this deal is through the Sukrew website and not through retailers.

Check out the new colors guys!


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