First, let me say that that I didn’t know when I posted the form it didn’t show up. I moved to GSuite from Google and got a new Google Drive, however, in the newness I didn’t notice there is a switch you have to flip to let others answer the form. I went DOH, but it’s up and running.

Here are the results of the survey:

These are the responses, one of them maybe yours:

  • If it feels good, wear it! If it LOOKS good, then own that shit! I’ve been wearing thongs for almost 7 years and I’ve definitely acquired a “thong fetish” owning well over 100 pairs. Gregg Homme, Joe Snyder and Prevail Sport are just a few of my favorites. I used to wonder how women could walk around with a string up their butt all day and not be uncomfortable, but they looked amazing so no guy in his right mind is going to rock the boat asking a stupid question like “aren’t those things uncomfortable?” Over the years I’ve asked different girl friends that question and the answer was ALWAYS “my God no, they’re so comfortable”. After wearing my very first thong that a girlfriend of mine ordered for me online I could firmly attest that thongs were by far the most comfortable underwear I had ever worn. Being somewhat of an amateur bodybuilder they were also the most flattering underwear for my physique – if you’ve got it, show it. A majority of women that I know say that a guy with a nice ass is very attractive and if a chick with a great ass wears a thong it’s considered hot by all genders, why then does that not apply to men? I’ve caught a lot of shit from women about wearing thongs. That same girlfriend that bought my first thong and saying how sexy it looked on me started hating my new found obsession for skimpy drawers and would make constant innuendo about being a closeted bisexual. I think she started getting jealous thinking that I looked better in thongs and g-strings than she did. With all of that being said, my response to the masculinity of thongs and those who wear them is simple: I’ll show you how masculine I am and afterwards you’re gonna feel like a real douche getting your ass kicked by a guy in sparkling pink bong thong. Cheers fellow thong lovers!! (3)
  • Sexy as hell
  • does it really matter?? If it makes you feel confident, then go for it
  • They show off the male body more than any other underwear…the bulge and the butt.
  • Put a piece of fabric up your ass
  • A well cut thong shows off the gear in the front and the mussels in the back
  • Thong was the first underwear men wore
  • It’s a state of mind. A thong is just a clothing style, like jeans. They can make you feel whatever you want….sexy and masculine. I’ve had girlfriends that have bought me thongs, because they thought I looked sexy and very masculine in them. They liked the minimal look on me and so do i.
  • Just because women wear them doesn’t mean they aren’t masculine.
  • Yes I think they are . I like how minimal they are and they still offer great support.
  • The ultra sexy nature of a thong can confuse a lot of guys. Most are used to much more coverage and the skimpy design of a thong is very sensual and exhibitionistic (even secretly and unseen). That’s not so typical a choice for dudes, as we live in what has turned out to be a very body-negative era (what happened?!). Some guys, like myself, love them. I find them to be very motivational—I want to make sure I look good in one. I do think that there is a sizable number of women who like seeing their guys in them.
  • Depending on the silhouette, the image a thong creates ranges from dominant Alpha male to demure flower. The thongs I find most alluring create a bulge that is unquestionably masculine.
  • The way they are made to support male anatomy.
  • It just Is.
  • They are comfy and sexy.

Do you guys have anything to add?


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. I wasn’t able to fill out the form, oh well, nice results! What is the brand and name of the thong in the headline picture? It looks like a grey Gstring

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