If you are a big fan of N2N Bodywear, you may have noticed they are doing things a bit different this year. When I last spoke to them they aren’t doing a big collection once a year, they are now doing smaller releases throughout the year. This is good and challenging. It’s good because you can get something new throughout the year. It’s challenging cause it’s harder for me to cover!

One new pair that I absolutely love is the Mercury Jock. I saw this pair and went “I MUST OWN.” It’s a black waistband and a silver pouch that shows off the goods. It’s super freaking sexy. From what I gather on the N2N Bodywear site this is the same fabric as the Liquid Skins line of metallics. Note, when they say Chlorine bleach, oil (lube, suntan lotion, baby oil, etc) may break down the special matte coating of this novelty fabric. They mean it. I had a black pair when first released that broke down because something got on it.

Still, even with the fabric, it’s still amazing. Just wear it like you would wear other fabrics such as silk. I would recommend hand washing as well. The fabric is amazing and I wish I had more of the liquid skins!!

The pair the standard waistband with the N2N logo front and center. It’s a more subtle logo and kind of fits the pair. It’s not a full on thick waistband but it’s thicker than most fetish/fashion jocks. My favorite feature is the N2N on the leg straps. I don’t know why but I LOVE this touch.

N2N always makes incredible gear. Make sure you check out their site often for new pairs and new deals. Don’t miss out on any of your favorites!

Pair: N2N Bodywear Mercury Jock
Color: As shown
Fabric:92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price:  $34.00


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