Cellblock 13 Legion Jock and Harness

Tis the season to think of some great presents for others or may be ourselves. One thing that has come across my radar is the new Cellblock 13 Legion Harness and Jock. Timoteo has a way of designing and making really great fetish gear. He has a unique eye that meets the needs of guys really into it and those still experimenting. Nothing they make seems off limits to anyone.

The newest in the Cellblock line is the Legion Harness and Jock. They can be worn separately or together. Some key points of the harness are:

Strap it on and it highlights your back and shows off your chest. It’s made of high-quality, smooth neoprene rubber with adjustable straps. Two straps come down your torso, connecting to either your jeans and or to a Legion Neoprene Jock-Pouch or any of our previous & current jockstraps with d-rings for a full gear look.

The Key points to the Jock are:

If you love our “X-Wing & Sonic Collection” you’ll love this new gear. Introducing the “Legion Neoprene Jock Pouch” from CellBlock13! Made out of smooth stretchy neoprene. We’ve added a new feature to this jock, a reflective piping detail on the colored racing stripe pouch. The “D” rings are attached to the elastic strap so you can easily clip on your LEGION HARNESS (and any of our current and previous harnesses) for a full gear fetish look!

Both of these pairs are made out of Neoprene making it fun to wear and easy to clean. Fetishwear can be difficult to clean and keep looking great if it’s leather or other materials. Neoprene is easy to clean and should remain great looking for a while. Also, neoprene is becoming one of the go-to fabrics for the fetish world.

Pair: Cellblock 13 Legion Harness
Color: Black
Fabric: Neoprene
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $68.00

Pair: Cellblock 13 Legion Jock
Color: Blue, grey, green, purple, and red
Fabric: Neoprene
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $44.00


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