UNB bought the Gruff Pup IMPULSE SINGLET for review. All opinions of the review are my own and were not influenced by Gruff Pup.

Rating: 8.8/10 (Average of the ratings below)

  • Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 7/10
  • Construction: 10/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Fabric: 10/10


  1. Very well made
  2. Will show off your booty and crotch nicely
  3. The fabric has an excellent feel to it


  1. While the length was perfect for my body height, I found the thigh areas to be very restraining


This is my first time wearing gear from Gruff Pup, and wearing a singlet that is made from Polyamide/Spandex as my previous singlets are made from Polyester/Spandex. This is also a different style of singlet than what I’m used to wearing as I’m used to the traditional high school/college wrestling singlet.

While I did not have the opportunity to wear it out to gear night at any of the local bars or clubs, I did wear it around the house during housework and projects. I also wore it once out in public under a T-Shirt and sweatpants. This singlet can definitely be worn either at a gear night or just around the house.

This is my first piece of gear that was made out of this fabric. I really was surprised at how much I really liked both how the fabric felt on me, and how it actually looked. The construction of the singlet is very strong; it’s not cheaply done as you will see in the next paragraph. The fabric and stitching will stand up to a good amount of wear and tear. As someone who cherishes his gear, I can tell you that this singlet will be put to great use and I’m not worried it’s going to fall apart anytime soon.

As a bigger guy, I got the XL size. I found the straps to perfect length for me (5’10”.) As I was neither worried that I was pulling the fabric too much nor that it was too lose and looked sloppy on me. The problem I did have came from having very thick thighs. I found the elastic around the thighs to be very tight, almost uncomfortable. While the models in the pictures show them as a short boxer briefs type, I wore them as briefs. This made the singlet more comfortable. I will say though, the fabric held up well around my thick thighs. The fabric also stretched properly around my large booty.

I would recommend this singlet, but with caution that those who are a bit bigger and have big thighs will need to be ready to compromise a bit with wearing the legs as briefs. The sizes are S-XL with XL being 36-39. Like any gear, if you take care of it, it will take care of you, and I believe this singlet will hold up for a good long with normal to high usage. This singlet will definitely show off your booty and crotch area, and I believe would be great for a night at gear night, or just wearing it around the house playing video games, or doing housework. This singlet will remain in my collection and rotation.


PAIR: Gruff Pup – Impulse Singlet
COLORS: Black/Red
Fabric: Polyamide/Spandex
SIZE: Small – XL
COST: $29.95


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