Are you a big fan of Gregg Homme like I am? If you are they just released their Fall/Winter collection. It’s always great to see what they come up with each time. This was a collection that I didn’t get an advance look at so this is my first time seeing it as well. 

Bubble G’Homme

The extremely soft, sheer material will slide through your touch and quench your thirst for excitement and style. With one of a kind elastic bands that fit comfortably while letting everyone know you like the outrageous things in life. Get ready for a whole new sensation like you have never felt befor

Gregg Homme

Feel It 

The Feel It is the complete lounge collection you have been waiting for. With a wide range of styles to suit your every mood while giving you a unique silky soft skin sensation. Soft to the touch and perfect for your daily wear.

Gregg Homme 


The Room-Max has been designed to combine both space and enhancement in its front pouch. Made with a hyper stretch microfiber, this pouch uses a technical construction made to give your package volume while offering it room, freedom and a natural feel.

Hook It 

In the blink of an eye you will have them mesmerized. The Hooked collection will have all eyes on you with its amazing tone on tone wild animal print. Let them do all the double takes they want!


Sexy faux leather leaves you feeling caged in a soft leopard print knit.Exclusive Gregg Homme trims finish off the details. Who is the one being held captive… you or them?

Black X

It’s time to let your wanton bad boy out to play. With the light see-through material leaving very little to the imagination, you’ll have to think of other ways to keep them on their toes! X always marks the spot with this treasure!


Our newest fetish wear comes with 2 leather chest harnesses
with adjustable snaps to suit your tastes. A comfortable pouchwith leather trims for details. To finish off the look, a Gregg Homme first, the Gregg bracelet!

This is an overview of the new collection and we will break down each line and styles available in it. Go to the Gregg Homme site to see all this and new color in other lines. 


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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