How did you discover your love of underwear, swim briefs, spandex and gear ?  

I’ve always had a major undies fetish since I can remember. Definitely well before high school. I remember as a kid I used to grab the advertisements from the Sunday paper for each of the major department stores and bring them up to my room so I could check out the guys in their underwear. I didn’t find it of sexual nature at the time, but more of just a general interest for all the different style underwear. It was like looking at cars, which is another passion of mine. In addition to grabbing the ads from the paper, I used to make the effort to sneak away from my Mom while shopping and walk through the men’s underwear section of the department stores to check things out. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the different brands and styles and patterns and colors. It was my candy store! 

As I got older and entered high school (all male private catholic HS BTW), I can remember being literally the only 14 year old wearing Calvin Klein boxer-briefs. Everyone else wore boxers and one guy wore briefs. I guess I was a trend setter since boxerbriefs weren’t a popular choice yet?! lol. But I was adamant about having good underwear even as as kid. I used to work pretty hard and would spend some of my cash on designer boxer-briefs. It wasn’t until my college years that I started to branch out and try new styles like bikinis and thongs, etc. 

What are you favorite styles to wear? (Briefs, bikini thong jock boxer briefs, trunks and why do you prefer them)

I wear it all, although trunks are probably my least favorite on me because the legs tend to ride up so much that I may as well have just worn briefs. So that can be annoying. But if I had to choose, I’d probably say my favorite style is briefs and my wife’s favorite is probably a jockstrap.

My wife is usually the one to pick out my underwear each morning, which is a lot of fun for me. I’m usually in the shower when she’s rummaging through my underwear drawers finding the perfect pair for me to wear that day and I get so excited wondering what she’s picked out! 

I feel so badly when I hear from other guys who are forced to wear boxers or boxerbriefs or trunks because their significant other thinks that’s what a man should wear. Like what is that?! Because I choose to also wear briefs or jocks or thongs in addition to those other styles that makes me less of a man? 

It’s not ok to force your preferences onto someone. This isn’t to say it’s not ok to have a preference of what your man wears. Of course that’s ok! I prefer my wife to wear thongs but that doesn’t mean it’s ok for me to force her to wear them. Lucky for me that’s all she wears! 

So I love that my wife knows my underwear preference is my choice and she supports my decisions of whatever I want to wear. 

Why did you first start posting pics in underwear?

It was 5+ years ago and I just started to get curious about these feelings I was having about seeing guys in their underwear. I was unsure still at the time if my attraction was the underwear or the guy wearing the underwear. Anyway, I did a Google search for something along the lines of “guys in briefs.” One of the search results was a link to some guys Tumblr page. I had never heard of Tumblr before. Back then you could view someone’s Tumblr page, and if the page owner allowed, ask anon questions without actually having a Tumblr page yourself. I was hooked. This guy was such a stud in his undies and his bulge was unbelievable. Still one of the best bulges on Tumblr.

Long story short, after a few anon questions submittted, I decided to create my own Tumblr page so I could follow him. We connected and he asked to see me in my undies. My heart was beating so fast. I’d never done anything like this  before! So I ran upstairs, pulled my shorts down, and snapped a couple quick photos in the mirror of me in my light blue 2xist Colour briefs. I still have those briefs for sentimental reasons. 

The pics were terrible! I didn’t clean the mirror and I had no idea how to take an undies selfie, but non the less, I sent it off to him. He enjoyed what he saw enough to take the time to convince me to start posting my own pics on my page. And so I did and that was the start of my first Tumblr page.

That’s how I first started, but it’s not the reason why I post now. I truly enjoy it. My whole reason for posting is not to gain attention, but to help educate men (and even women) that there are better undies choices to be made. I suppose this is why my pictures/posts are focused on the undies and not my body. It’s not about my body. It’s all about the undies for me. 

If you have a partner/husband/wife are the supportive of you sharing your love of underwear? (Leave blank if you don’t have one)

My wife is extremely supportive of my love for underwear. When I had my initial Tumblr page, I told her about it and she followed it til the day I shut it down. It was really scary to tell/show her my page but she was extremely supportive and became a bit of undies addict herself. Years later I came back to Tumblr and now IG under my new name and I haven’t told her about either because I finally admitted to myself that I’m bicurious and I’m just not ready to share that with her. I don’t fully understand my curiosity yet, so how can I explain it to her if I don’t fully understand it myself?

This is why I have such guilt, sometimes, about having my IG page. My wife and I don’t have secrets. We’ve been together for 20 years, since high school, and we know everything about each other except this one thing that I’ve discovered about myself. And it’s a big thing. So the guilt gets to me, a lot. But I know I need this outlet to help explore and express that other side of myself. Some would say it’s cheating, but I honestly don’t think it is. I have no intention of ever being physical with a man regardless how strong the urge and desire may be at times because I love my wife and the life we’ve built over the past 20 years more than words could express and my curiosity isn’t worth breaking that up.  So I’ll probably always stay curious since I’ve never done anything with a man, and that’s ok. It’s often better to let fantasies remain fantasies because they can sometimes be such a let down when they become reality. 

Do you friends know about your IG and love of undies?  

Besides the friends that I’ve made through this underwear community, no. It’s not really something that comes up in conversation with my friends. 

What have been some of the positive things that have happened since you started posting ? Did you have any negative experiences?

I’ve met some really amazing people, all of which have had a part in some fashion in helping me realize my bicuriosity and I’m thankful for that, despite being very confusing for me. Slowly I’m accepting myself for who I am and I don’t think I’d ever be here in my life without having been on Tumblr or IG.

Some of these guys have become true friends in real life and know my identity and follow my personal social media pages. I’m thankful for those friendships we’ve developed throughout the years.

With positive experiences there are sometimes negative experiences. It’s a part of life. Currently I’m taking a break from IG. I needed time to reset and get my head in a good place after an experience I had. My biggest character flaw is that I’m a people pleaser. And when I sense someone doesn’t like me all of a sudden it really messes with my  head because all I want to do is make others happy. It’s who I am. 

There’s this guy on IG I was introduced to by a mutual friend. He seemed like an awesome guy and I felt we hit it off. We’d talk a lot, about anything, and shared a lot of heartfelt moments about our personal lives. But something happened and I don’t know what. He was chatting with me less and less. Meanwhile he was constantly chatting with another mutual friend and it seemed as though their friendship picked up where ours left off. Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy they chat a lot and are building a friendship, but yes it’s only natural for me to wonder what’s wrong with me. Why doesn’t he like me? 

Long story short. One of the last conversations we had was in a group chat with the mutual friend that introduced us. This new friend wanted to share nudes and sent one. And our mutual friend sent one. And I replied “sluts” and immediately said I was kidding. We’ve joked like that before. He’s called me a bish. But I guess it didn’t sit well. Anyway after I said I was kidding I apologized and said I don’t have any nudes to share that they haven’t seen already, which is the truth. I’ve got a wife and two small kids at home. I can barely find the time to snap a couple undies selfies. But he wasn’t having it and said he deleted his pic because he’s not sharing if we all can’t share. 

I felt badly. Really really badly. But the more I thought about it, why should I feel badly? I asked our mutual friend what just happened and he said that the friend feels that if he sends a nude he should get one back. I didn’t understand this. Sure, if I asked for a nude and didn’t reciprocate, then shame on me. But it was his idea and he sent a nude on his own accord and got upset when I didn’t reciprocate. To me that’s borderline bullying.

I wasn’t going to share this story because I know it doesn’t make me look good saying I’ve shared nudes. Rest assured it is not often that I have shared nudes. Hardly ever, in fact. But I tell this story because I want to remind people their actions can really hurt someone, especially if the person feels slightly bullied. It’s not ok. It’s not ok I feel horrible about this and I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s not ok that it’s messed with my head so much that I felt I had to step away from my IG. The one place I felt like I could be myself and be accepted for who I am as a straight married bicurious guy with a major undies fetish. 

Anyway. I really hope he and I can start to build a friendship again. I really like him despite what occurred. He’s friends with two of my closest friends on IG and it would be amazing if we all could build friendships together.

No matter the body type there are always people who will criticize you that you’re too big, too small, too young, too old, how do you deal with those?

I’d like to say I ignore them, but it’s difficult. I can’t please everyone, but I can be proud of who I am and control my actions. For this reason you will never hear a bad word out of my mouth regarding how someone else looks in their undies. I always want to be supportive. 

I love it when I see someone who has the confidence to post a pic of themself in their favorite undies. Confidence is probably the sexiest character trait anyone could possess.  We all come in different shapes and sizes. Just accept it and embrace it! Be confident in your own body. And if you’re not, then take the steps to change what you don’t like about yourself. But don’t base your decisions of not posting undies selfies on what you think others may think. Just because someone is super fit doesn’t mean they don’t love seeing a confident guy who might not be in the same shape as them post a pic of him sporting his favorite undies. That’s your perception, not theirs. Love yourself and share with the world what makes you happy! 

Same goes for the guy that wants to try out new styles of underwear but is worried about being labeled. This is why I don’t like stereotypes. As far as I’m aware, the style or color underwear someone chooses to wear doesn’t dictate their sexual orientation or anything else about them. Speaking as a married straight (possibly bi) man, yes I agree I’m in the minority of men who wear jocks and thongs and briefs of all colors and materials. Until society stops labeling and making assumptions about people based on materialistic things like underwear choices, we will not make progress of moving toward a loving kindhearted world that’s unbiased and open minded. I know men, both straight and gay, who are apprehensive of trying different style underwear because they’re afraid of being labeled or questioned by society. They’re worried that their wife or girlfriend will think they’re gay because they’re  wearing a thong they find sexy and comfortable. They’re worried that the guy they’re crushing on will think they’re only interested in bottoming because they’re wearing a jockstrap they really like. When does it end? When will we understand that our underwear choices don’t dictate our sexual orientation! When will we stop preventing the guy next to us from making amazing underwear choices because they’re afraid of being labeled or their identity questioned? THIS is why men’s underwear fashion has slowly evolved because they’re afraid to make the choice they actually desire. They’re afraid to take that chance and try something new. I’m here to tell men, regardless of sexual orientation, race, relationship status, fat, skinny, fit, old and whatever else that there’s better underwear choices to be made and I’ll happily support them!

One thing I have discovered is guys into underwear tend to be awesome guys. Have you made any friends that you may not have met otherwise? 

I can’t agree with you more! I’ve met some amazing guys throughout the years, one of which is you Tim. You’ve built a great undies community here and helped me to accept me for who I am and realize it’s OK to be me. 

I’d say there’s 8 guys that I’d definitely consider as true friends and not just cool guys I know from Tumblr or IG. These are the guys that I’ve shared some of my personal life with be it pics of my face or my kids or my wife or my home or other aspects of my personal life. And in a couple instances we’ve even connected on our personal social media pages and have even texted with each other. I am forever grateful to these amazing guys and the friendships we’ve built. They all have made me a better man and more comfortable in my own skin.

What is your favorite color of Underwear? 

White. There’s something so sexy about white underwear to me. I don’t necessarily mean tighty whities, but a white thong or a white pair of hip briefs. It’s just so pure and downright sexy. Woof.

Lastly, What is your favorite social media to post on? And what is your name on there? 

@briefsbuff on Instagram 


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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