How did you discover your love of underwear, swim briefs, spandex and gear ?

My love of underwear goes back to the 90s when I accidentally came across this Tv show called The bikini open ( it’s on YouTube I recently rewatched and relived that time) where as soon as I saw the preview, I was hooked. There were females models wearing fluorescent bikinis/tiny G string Bikini with that 90s Glow which looked extremely hot( please don’t ask me how many times a day I pleasured myself watching that in those days) By the end of that show, I was completely smitten with underwear. Also, show had a segment with men in their sexy undies such as a thong and I remember succinctly I was so taken back at first seeing men in such revealing undies( a guy was in a purple g string) but by the end of that first episode1,I knew I had a thing for undies in my heart and I couldn’t stop watching that every time it came on.

What are your favorite styles to wear? 

  • I love sports briefs/ Tanga briefs ( jockey made these white tanga/sports bikini which I can’t find anywhere now)as they provide support to the package and cover the behind but leaves room for the leg to do all this squats and stretches. Perfect for the Gym workouts.
  • I love jockstrap again for the purpose of wearing at the gym as it provides a lot of free movement and room to move freely. Besides I find myself feel sexy in one.-
  • I now own 4 thongs purely as suggested by my friends on Instagram still getting used to them.- for every day use, I wear trunks and mostly boxers at night time in bed.

Why did you first start posting pics in underwear?

Honestly speaking, I never really spoke about my love for underwear purely for the fear of being taken as a joke or even be made fun of so I thought to find a platform to express my desire and love for undies and find like-minded people with similar taste and appreciation for sexy jocks. Boy did I lucky, I have now made quite a few friends though Instagram( I like to think so) and even considering hanging out with them once I get more comfortable. (sadly, most of them are in the US only about 15000 miles away)

If you have a partner/husband/wife are the supportive of you sharing your love of underwear?

I did have a girlfriend in the past but I could never introduce that to our relationship purely due to fear of rejection which I plan to work on in like-minded future when I have a new relationship. I am actively looking for a Guy friend AKA my bro with taste for undies so I could finally meet and go shopping together for undies with him. 

Do your friends know about your IG and live if undies?  

No, this has been my own sort of thing so none of my friend know about it.

What have been some of the positive things that have happened since you started posting? Did you have any negative experiences?-

I have been extremely fortunate to have found and connected with such great, kind hearted , supporting  and loving group of people through Instagram. The feedback regarding my body and choice of undies has been positive to the point sometimes I feel I don’t deserve as compared to all the stunning models out there, I am just average bloke trying to make some friends and share common posts of me in undies with my average body.( the only 6 pack is own is the one in the fridge 6 pack of cheese and crackers)

No matter the body type there are always people who will criticize you that you’re too big, too small, too young, too old, how do you deal with those?

I always welcome constructive criticism and always happy to take on feedback like-minded, whether positive or neutral in a sporting manner. So far, I have been fortunate enough not to have experienced such unkind behavior. In fact, there are times when I hate my body or unhappy about body images, feedback from fellow Instagram friends made me feel great for which I am always grateful.

One thing I have discovered is guys into underwear tend to be awesome guys. Have you made any friends that you may not have met otherwise? 

bsolutely, I am happy that I made a decision to create this profile due to which I have connected with some of the most amazing guys who have been supportive and loving through this journey.

What is your favorite color of Underwear? 

I love Red pair of undies. 

Lastly, What is your favorite social media to post on? And what is your name on there? 

-Instagram @jockbloke


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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  1. It’s so much better once you tell your (future) girl friend about your love for underwear. There’s no better feeling then being accepted for who you are. If youre looking to step up your thongs I would recommend Obviously brand. They also make your favorite sport briefs! Thanks for sharing

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